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Migration problems, or just skin? » All bra adventures

Migration problems, or just skin?

I'm hearing a lot about migration lately, and although I have a minimal amount to train back over, I think most of it may just be skin and not boob. Any help on the matter is appreciated, or perhaps I just need to try a different style.

A little about me: I'm 27 and have been wearing the correct (or somewhat correct) size for the past 5 years. Not much of a change in the way of shape or firmness. If anything I've lost firmness. I'm relatively thin - read = I don't have any rolls on my torso, it's pretty flat/toned and so is my back, but take around a 28F-28FF depending on style. 26 would most likely fit better and currently I'm wearing the Daphne I altered to a 26, but I can't wait to take this thing off the first chance I get! I would never wear something this tight every day! I prefer foam lined bras because they give a more attractive shape than unlined lace bras which offer nothing more than "you'll shoot your eye out". But something is telling me the only way to correct migration is to wear one of these said matronly lace bras. Yeah, I have the Bridgette Basque, but I get cold (pretty often - low body temp), I need the warmth of layers to keep my boobs from hurting, the shoddy workmanship of Freya's lace bras doesn't help this problem either.

As for whether or not it being skin, the migration I have is behind my underarm and above where the band is. Kind of next to where the straps meet the band. The thing is...the tighter the band, the more this area is pinched. And with a large enough cup and trying to force everything back to the cups, this area behind my arm is exaggerated. It looks awful with a fitted shirt because then I look like I have some kind of strange back roll. Basically, I'm moving all that extra skin into my underarm. If I put more of this into the cup I then get spaces at the bottoms, just above the underwires. This causes the band to sit too low - about 3" lower than my boobs. I can tell from the red marks left behind, which are all over the place. Nothing helps. So how do I get this extra skin to go into the cup and not my underarm? If I force it down and then forward it sits under the wire and the band slides around more easily. I've tried this with various sizes and styles...plunge, demi, balcony, 26, 28, 30, E, F, FF, G. What styles are the best for correcting all these said problems? TIA!

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  • I am still not a 100% converted of permanent breast migration by wearing correct bras, and even though in most cases it is breast tissue under the arms escaping the bras it might be worth to contemplate the possibility that sometimes it can be just other sort of tissue there?

  • I have two possible suggestions...

    One is the shape of the band. Do you have a "triangular" torso or a straigher one? Does your back go larger above your underbust or is it quite the same as your underbust? If you're on the more triangular side your might get this cutting in because the band is simply too tight along the top edge compared to the bottom edge.

    The next suggestion is the strap position. Your altered Daphne, has the straps been moved on that one? If the straps are too far apart or two close otgether in the back you will get odd rolls as the straps is trying to move into the right place and pushes the tissue and skin with it.

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