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I have been noticing something strange with myself lately and at first I had convinced myself it was all in my head. Well after confirmation from another source other than myself I have to admit it's not in my head: My boobs have gone up a cup size! The tape measurements have been proving this as well.

At first I thought that maybe it was migration but everything I've read about this says that this is something that corrects itself within the first few months of wearing the right bra size, not over a year. Plus I seem to have lost a .5" off of my ribcage measurement and I don't think that has anything to do with migration. (or does it? I can't seem to find any real definitive info on this.) I certainly know one thing: my weight hasn't changed and even if it had I usually lose it, not gain. However, with me there is another consideration of which my Dr. seems to think is more likely.

Last year after being hospitalised from an infection gone wrong I was finally diagnosed with a problem I had been dealing with since I was a child but no one was willing to pin down until it nearly killed me: I'm allergic to wheat. This kind of allergy is insidious since it doesn't show in the direct manner most food allergies do. It eats away slowly at your immune system, plays with your digestive system causing general upset and vitamin deficiencies, migraines, brain fog, neverending eczema that only responds to steroids, and just other odd symptoms that can easily be seen but with general testing no cause. What's even worse is that once you stop eating wheat you don't even see improvement until nearly 6 months afterwards because it takes that long for the wheat to leave. I have to be very diligent even down to cross contamination like I can eat M&Ms made on the standard production equipment but have to avoid holiday editions because they use shared equipment with other versions that contain wheat and even the residue left is enough to cause problems.
It's a pain but I've followed this pretty regularly with only a couple of mistakes in the past 1.5 yrs.

My Dr. seems to think that this little bump in boob growth may be related to my body healing; that somehow it's finally finishing things that it didn't have the proper resources to do long ago. He keeps saying I need to give it time and that it usually takes 2-3 yrs for the body to heal, possibly even longer cosidering how bad it had eaten away at me. Either way I'm finding this very annoying. I'll be 32 yrs old tomorrow! I shouldn't be going thru this now WTH?!

Nevertheless, in my endeavour to keep my data as accurate as possible soon I will be redoing all of my reviews and fits etc. It just makes me wanna cry that most of the beautiful bras I have now only fit for one week out of a month now where before they were just a bit too big for one week out of a month.

I just wanna scream!

BTW if anyone has any more info on migration or has any other theories please share. =D

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  • I'm glad you found the location of your problem! Allergies are so tricky! :-O

    About migration: Mine ocurred sooner than after a year, but I also lost a couple of cm of my underbust measurement. I guess it's related to scooping all the breast tissue into the cup and that maybe some of it was squashed under where my wires are supposed to be?
    But migration is a mysterious thing and there are serious doubters as well, so we may never know whether it was migration which you experienced :P

  • Thank you for sharing, allergies are no fun! I have been wondering about cup size and migration lately so your post definitely caught my attention.

    About the wheat allergy.. For what it's worth I think most people nowadays are intolerant to wheat in varying amounts although most do not realize because it is not always experienced as an all-out allergic reaction. We do tend to have shall I say more 'minor' conditions and we don't connect the two. I could go on but I'm not as knowledgeable as some of my friends are.

    As for tissue migration, I actually think mine may have taken far more than a year to fully realize. It's hard to tell because I couldn't find most soft cup bras to really fit until earlier this year, about 17 months after first wearing the right sizes. I wondered why I could've gone up a cup but my band would have stayed the same. As far as I'm concerned my story is likely that of much trial & error, a bit of migration here, and there, and finding a variety of suitable cup styles.

    I'm curious if anyone else has similar theories to share?

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