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Aug 30, 2012 » All bra adventures


Aug 30, 2012

I am 24 years old - turning 25 next week - and I have breast cancer.

I recently had a lumpectomy and although that surgery went well, my doctor couldn't get all the affected tissue, so she recommends a mastectomy. Oof. It's not scheduled yet, but it will probably happen within a month or so.

Right now, I'm faced with a few tough decisions. I could have surgery and reconstruction on my right, then have a reduction on my left a few months later, or I could have a double mastectomy and reconstruction all at once. I also need to choose either implants or a GAP flap for reconstruction (my doctor and I settled on those as the 2 best options for me).

I've been busty my entire life and currently fill out a 32G. I'd always planned to have a breast reduction at some point in my life, so I'm content with being a smaller size eventually! It's just the idea of not having my natural breast(s) that hits me hard. My new breasts will undoubtedly be a huge adjustment (or, rather, a 'smaller' adjustment, ha!), but if I can avoid more needles and surgeries in the coming decades, it'll be worth it.

Plus, I rather look forward to bra shopping and not spending $60+ per bra! (I encourage women to spend good money on comfortable, supportive bras if they can; I spent $120 and $90 on 2 bras, respectively, right before my diagnosis, and although I hated parting with my hard-earned money, they are worth every penny. The quality is amazing, and they keep me looking and feeling good even post-lumpectomy.) In addition to simple, utilitarian bras that I purchase for support, I really lust after sexy and/or feminine bras. Some of the most beautiful bras are only made in smaller cup sizes, so I'm excited to finally be able to walk into a department store and find my size! (I've gotten the whole online ordering thing down, for sure.)

I'll hopefully be either a 32C or 32D when this ordeal is over... I was a D cup in early high school and a C cup in middle school. Never really got the chance to wear Victoria's Secret Pink or anything else in neon colors!

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  • I'm very sorry to read about your diagnosis. It is tough and hope they caught it early enough. I've never had to face the decisions you are facing now, but since I work with bras on a daily basis I have read up on breast cancer and on implants a bit. I think that if I was in your situation I would go with a mastectomy on both sides plus a reconstruction method without implants. Reason one: mastectomy on both sides seems to me the best and safest way to combat the cancer. Reason two: implants have their own risk plus they need to be replaced after a while, usually after 10 years. You might live to be a hundred, not having a foreign object with a limited warranty in your body seems to be an advantage to me.

  • *hugs* You're going through a rough time and I hope everything goes well from now on...

    My only real input is that if you decide for the reduction, if you say that you want to be a "D-cup" you will most likely not end up as a D-cup, as I so far haven't seen anyone doing reductions or putting in implants that has any clue of bra sizing... So, make sure that you make your vision clear. :)

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