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Jun 10, 2024 » All bra adventures


Jun 10, 2024

Hi! So I wear my Comexim 55G 3HC and they’re perfect, underwire-wise. But I do spill out a bit, especially on my bigger breast and if I exaggerate my straight posture (shoulder blades almost touching). I assume my slight spillage (not obvious, even with tight tops) comes from what the half cup is supposed to do, right? I have found very few Comexim 3HC in 55H to compare measurements to, and the ones that I have found have at least +2 cm for cup depth, which makes me think it might be too much. My 55Gs are the only ones on Bratabase where the depth is 16 cm… other 55Gs 3HCs are like 18 cm for some reason. If I size up, I’m sure the wires will be wider and the marks will no longer perfectly line up with my IMF. I do feel a TEENY bit of pain on my larger breast’s side today. I just took off my bra and the underwire does not seem to be on breast tissue… which is weird. I’m not at a point in my cycle where this could happen. Should I size up? Do y’all have days where your perfect fitting bra is a little off? I hate the idea of gapping on my smaller side and I love the cakes on a plate look :( I guess I just need reassurance that what I have now is okay lol.

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  • gmac6991 My UK size is 28FF. I have several 3hc bras (28G/60HH) from BOB & Comexim directly. Like you, I spill a bit on my larger side but not enough that shows through clothes.

    I just tried a 28GG 3hc Lorena from BOB. Interestingly, I still have a bit of a quad-boob effect on my larger side. I worry if I size up more in the cup my smaller side will be swimming in space. The wires are fine, the gore tacks, although the band on this style is very snug compared to my other 3hc styles.

    As far as measurement discrepancies - I find myself reviewing the instructions almost every time. I'm not sure others do, especially concerning depth, cup height, & cup separation, etc.

    In the end, it is always a personal preference for dealing with asymmetry. Do I fit the larger side or the smaller side? The 3hc has helped me somewhat in meeting a middle ground. If that makes sense! Lol

  • justapac thank you so much for your input, I like that we both have a similar experience with Comexim’s 3HCs. And I feel the same way about following Bratabase’s guidelines for measuring bra dimensions. I measured each bra very carefully and multiple times, which is why finding 55Gs and 55Hs having the same 18 cm cup depth has been so confusing to me. I’m not going to conclude that those users measured wrong, but it does make me wonder if the details of the instructions were looked at when taking measurements. Thanks so much for your comment! Very reassuring for me :)

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