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Nothing I try works! Nothing! Wires always slide out of IMF! Help! » All bra adventures


Nothing I try works! Nothing! Wires always slide out of IMF! Help!

I have been all over r/ABTF and found this place. I have been fighting, and fighting to find a bra that actually fits me. I used to wear wireless, then went to some soft wired bras. Little did I know it was the wrong size. After a year or so my old bras died. So I wanted to get some new high quality bras, I got my previous size in a more expensive bra. Within a week my back started to hurt, I wasn't sure why. It was so bad I'd be in pretty bad pain in 30 minutes. I have an old back injury that is directly where my band sits on my back. I do admit I'm not doing as much weight lifting as I used too, that's probably part of it.

For a long time I was wearing 36D, a sister size to 34DD which is the size I got from ABTF at that time. I'll link all my info here.

7 sizes:
Loose underbust: 35
Snug underbuse: 34
Tight underbust: 32
Standing bust: 40
Leaning bust: 42
Lying bust: 40
Gives me 34F/FF UK, but 34F is always too big in the cup.

Breast shape:
Soft tissue, even fullness, wide root, shallow breast(?), short root, outward point, far set, rotated breasts. My breasts support themselves, I honestly just need something that hides headlights.
I found information that I'm a shallow breast here, Everyone on ABTFs says I'm projected because my wires slide down. However I also found this post, Which made me realize it's probably my wire, since my root is very wide.

Bras that have failed me: (aside from the ones on my profile)
Chantelle Norah, Natori Bliss Perfection, Fantasie 4520, Panache Envy, Panache Clara, Panache Jasmine, Freya Starlight.
I don't have these on my profile because I tried these before joining Bratabase, and didn't measure them obviously.

Balconeete bras just hurt me, they dig into my sternum. Panache always force my boobs out into cones and are very uncomfortable. I also need a lace band, something very soft and stretchy so it doesn't irritate my back. For some reason, crossing the straps helps but I'd prefer to find a bra that fits normally. I think my IMF shape might be weird.

Suggestions would be great. I'd post bra pictures, but the fitting pictures I did on ABTFs expired on Imgbb... and I deleted them off my phone.

If anyone has suggestions, please shoot away. I'm desperate. Nothing I try FITS!

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  • " It was so bad I'd be in pretty bad pain in 30 minutes. I have an old back injury that is directly where my band sits on my back..."

    Question: do you mean - when you have the correctly fitting band it sits on your old back injury?

    If so, you should maybe try some bra alternative, like corsets or stays. (there's more info on this group about bra alternatives

    Or do you mean - the wrong size bra band rides up, and sits on an old injury?

  • It might be time to go for a bra fitting; Nidena on reddit made a website where you can search near your area

    If you're not near any metro area, you can do an online fitting at this store It's through email.

    The ABTF forum is run by a corporation now (lingerie marketing firm); it didn't used to be. but that's capitalism for you. and they try to stick everyone in 2 (sometimes 3, depending on your size) sponsored brands, and they only plug one store in the U.S.

    but at the end of the day, remember that the online sales shills on that forum are trying to get you to buy one of their 2 sponsored brands (depending on size, or if you're in the UK, they might plug a 3rd brand), when actually there are 100s of brands, see this list made by dumblilbear, posted online

    Their two sponsored brands don't work for a lot of people (me, raising my hand!), so don't feel discouraged. that's why there are like 100s of bra brands; you should be able to find something that fits.

    Either that, or you could also try Nordstrom, but I've heard mixed reviews of their bra fittings. Namely, this former bra store owner, Erica, said she had a very negative experience; she wrote, "The store does have a good selection of products, but there is almost zero fitting training. Most employees are only interested in commission. " Unfortunatly, that could happen at any bra store though; then people go online because they think they're getting free advice from random people, but really they are just interacting with sales shills. I made a post on my forum about one woman who posted 21 times following online sales shill advice; she used her good common sense and ended up not following their advice though, she was only able to find a bra that fits by ignoring the sales shill advice! they kept trying to persuade her to buy their 2 sponsored brands.

    I digress! TBH, I think it's best to ask around in your area to see where the good bra fits are. I found the best store in my city (*actually, just outside of my city) from an online forum (not bra related, lol); unfortunately, when I googled "(name of city) + bra stores" that store didn't come up b/c it's technically just outside of the city in a bedroom community. Good luck!

    If you can't find anyone, I have one more resource for you, but she asks for a $5 donation to her website for her bra fit advice; she's a bra fit expert and former store owner. but she also said the donation isn't mandatory.

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