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Question: are our messages on bratabase secure? » All bra adventures

Question: are our messages on bratabase secure?

I just ask because I shared a blog post (brand new blog - not listed) with *one person* and one person only. I used bratabase messages because she had contacted me on this website; the website the blog is on is blogger, and they have a "hit meter" Well, I have all of these hits to the blog now - not that it's a CIA-password protected information - I mean, I've talked about it before (the topic is online bra sales shills, like on reddit, instagram, etc.) but I wrote one blog post about it using two deleted accounts from reddit (even I'm not going to be like, u/_______(active username on reddit), you're a shill!! even though I did block 14 accts that I suspected were online sales shills). This was the blog post, I only had one post on the entire blog

MY QUESTION IS: are there several people who work on this bratabase website? Some who could, like, view our messages. Because I'm trying to figure out why this blog post was shared - one of the location is Israel, and that's the HQ of Bare Necessities.

I thought I remember reading that there are various people who "help out" with this website? Can other people read our messages? (again, not that this top secret's just weird that I shared it with one person and then it went straight to Israel, which makes me think it's the HQ for Bare Nec, and also the UK, where I imagine Wacoal-Eveden marketing takes place for the UK).

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Shared on Nov 06, 2023 Flag this

  • It's only me "working" on Bratabase, and there's lots of code that's dangling there that never saw the light of day.

    I think I know what this is, you know this preview that is here at the bottom of the post? It's an auto collected by the server to build a preview.

    Something similar was implemented for link previews in private messages. The server reads the website and gets the title, a snippet and an image preview. The idea was for the sales links when you want to purchase a bra, but then I never really got to render this snippet on the body of the messages.

    The messages exchanged in the site, aren't encrypted end to end, they sit in a database in the server. For example, there is a separate management set of screens that show alerts when a message gets reported and then it allows to read that message in order to take action. So, yes, it is possible that a message is read internally by this management screen or get a request by the app server in order to create a snippet (that in this case was never rendered).

  • Okay, thank u!

    I was not sure how many "ADMIN" there were because I thought I read that some people help out with bratabase, so I thought maybe they just read other people's messages, I wasn't sure.

    Well, if it's only one person, it just must've been shared by the one person I messaged it to, LOL.

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