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Aug 29, 2023 » All bra adventures


Aug 29, 2023

I am extremely annoyed right now… I have been on a bra buying spree because I went up in cup size. All my go to styles are no longer available or don’t come in my new size or are rebranded or something because I have not had much luck. I have found 2 bras that I’m really completely content with. Anywho I ordered a Cleo Koko plunge strapless from Amazon. I just received it and it is very obviously used. It’s got white lint all over and even traces of pet hair and some kind of makeup stain on it. Never had an issue like that from Amazon. I’m am kind of disgusted. I didn’t even want to try it on but I did (with a bralette under) so that when I reordered it I know if the size is right and it fits!! Like actually perfectly fits and now im even more upset because I have to send it back and wait 2 more days for another. I hate bra shopping. (Rant over) So now I’m like should I just keep it?? Wash it and just suck it up???

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  • I don't know, that's a tough one. I'm a total germaphobe myself. Oddly, I don't really mind it if *I can tell a bra has been tried on* I will just wash it.

    But I know that's super annoying to get pet hair (or something) when it should be a "new bra." That's not uncommon apparently. Other people have posted (on other forums) about getting bras that are from smoker's homes -obvious cigarette smells - as well as animal fur! some people are just not careful about their returns! If it fits, I just wash it. But I've never gotten one with pet fur on it. Or cigarette smoke.

    I guess I've been pretty lucky, but what I don't like is strong perfume smells. If I'm going to try on a new bra, I take a shower and then try it on. And then I just try to keep it on for five minutes, that's it.

    It's interesting you ordered a strapless bra that appears used. I think many stores are not allowing returns on strapless bras for that very reason.

  • I’ve been so careful with trying on bras too. I put them on with everything still attached and then just go about my business in the house like watch a video or something or eat breakfast then take it off if I’m not sure I put it in the packaging and do it again the next day until I come to a conclusion. Anyway. It doesn’t smell so that’s why I was considering keeping it. But I ordered another one and of course it was $20 more because it’s from a different seller. But a good strapless is so hard to find so I am investing. Especially since this model is discontinued now. People are so gross. That’s the disappointing thing. An actual person was just so… idk even know what word to use. Lol

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