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My boobs scare the h-ll outta me

Seriously, I've gone from 112-116 in bust measurement in a week. I didn't even know boobs could swell that much. I go up two cup sizes on PMS.

Till next PMS I will be better prepared with 34J bras. Now I know I cannot wear any smaller size on that time of the month.

The mystery I cannot figure out is if my back is thinner due to migration or if I always did look like this. With a bra on I almost look thin on the upper back nowadays. It freaks me out a little as I'm very used to having a fuller back and it's kind of part of my identity.

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Shared on Aug 28, 2012 Flag this

  • Thankfully I don't have pms-issues with my boobs but based on all the stories I've heard you are not alone. If someone can grew as much as from a B-cup to a C-cup (like 35%-ish), it isn't strange the increase is greater with larger boobs from the start. Sadly that doesn't help when it freaks one out and no bra fit. :(

    I'm a few bands smaller, but I feel sort of the same about my back. My back looks almost as if I don't have any extra fluff there at all and I swear I did have it a couple of years ago... Maybe it's the magic of of a correct fitting bra? That both allows breast tissue to migrate back and doesn't make it give that nice roll in the back...?

  • About your back: Is it still smaller without a bra or just with a bra on? Because that's what I really cannot grip.

    I'm thinking migration also might be we just learn to tuck it all in the cups, but to make it actually stay on the boobs on their own... I don't really know what to think. For me it reduces my waist as well since I do have a really full back. I cannot tell if I'm smaller without a bra though. But I think so.

    But as I've been wearing too small bras for 20 years I don't really expect a miracle. I just find it all so peculiar :)

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