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30D in ABTF, 30DD-E in bratabase? What size should i start with? » All bra adventures


30D in ABTF, 30DD-E in bratabase? What size should i start with?

Hi! So i measured my size on ABTF calc for almost 4x (to make sure because i kinda have trust issue) and the result always the same: 30D. I just try measuring again in bratabase and the result is 30DD-E? I'm confused.

I'm F23 and i almost always wear bralette daily. If i happen to wear regular bra, i use 34A/34B from unknown brand but they never fit me.
I have short and narrow roots, wide set, even vertical fullness, center full horizontal, slightly/average projection.
My 6 sizes are:
- loose UB: 74cm
- snug UB: 72cm
- tight UB: 69cm
- standing: 82cm
- leaning: 85cm
- lying: 83cm

Can u guys help tell me what size should i start with, please? 30D or 30DD? And just in case i couldn't find those sizes will sister size 32C and 32D be okay? Thanks in advance!

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  • If you have a store that keeps those sizes in stock, go try them on. All of them. Yes, it will take time, but do it. If you don't have a store near you that stocks those sizes, go to an online retailer that does. @HerRoom is an example, but there are others. Choose one with a good return policy and if you can afford it, choose a style and get multiple sizes. If you're struggling with underwires, consider a bralette. If the bralette sizing isn't working (S, M, L isn't for everyone, and that's fine) consider unwired bras. Finally, a number of online retailers showcase bras built for specific body and breast attributes as do the blogs available here. Reading up on different parts of a bra and different bra constructions can help you make a choice based on your body. Hope this helps, good luck!

  • This is the A Bra That fits Buying Guide really not complete for all countries, but if you search your country on r/ABraThatFits or post a question, this is the the store that comes up for Indonesia At size 30D, one could get some amazing prices on eBay, I'm not sure what shipping is like to your country though.

    You would want to search, for example, "30D bra" and then check "ships worldwide" as well. I see some bras in that size, brand new, listed for less than $10 usd (I'm jealous!) Not sure how much the shipping is...a lot of these places accept returns within 30 days, too.

    If you sister-size up to 32C or 32D, you'll get even more bras to choose from! They might be too loose in the band though.

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