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Recommendations for 28DD bras for FOB with lots of immediate projection? » All bra adventures


Recommendations for 28DD bras for FOB with lots of immediate projection?

As the title says, I am looking for models to try in that size range that are not shallow -_- Preferably unlined. I have tried so many bras by now and it is just frustrating. Even the ones recommended for their projection tend to not be very projected (or have the wrong kind of projection) in that size range. Freya bands are too lose, Cleo does not make my size, Curvy Kate's cup shape does not work on me because I don't fill out the top at all, Gossard Superboost is too shallow, Gossard Glossies allegedly runs big in cup and band, Comexim 3HC is too shallow, and so is EM PL, Dalia only has push-ups in that size range. Panache Andorra was the closest fit but wrinkles at the top and is also a tiny bit too shallow at the wire. Enough that it is unbearable at least (see below...)

Or at least I believe the projection is an issue, because I never get "the" symptom of too shallow cups unless I wear Change bras, that is the wire not staying where it should. I just feel incredibly uncomfortable until I pull the wires down myself, at which point the support is gone. At this point, I stick to going braless or bralettes, but I really like the shaping one can get from a wired bra. I like my breasts and want them to shine, not the compression from a bralette :(

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  • You could look into cleo Hettie.

  • Time for you to get to work. Measure yourself, measure your bras, list your bras on bratabase, remeasure yourself and your bras as it takes practice to be accurate and consistent.

    Pick out a couple of bras that you think fit the best and post for "fitting help". Carefully think about what people comment. Sometimes what you think is the problem is not necessarily the case. The path to better fitting bras is slow and involves changing attitudes towards how we perceive our bodies and increasing our knowledge of how bras are constructed and how they work on our bodies.

    Again, get some numbers and images before people can start to help you.

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