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Bra rotation / when to replace bras? » All bra adventures


Bra rotation / when to replace bras?

Recently I posted about my 32J - Fantasie » Illusion Side Support Bra (FL2982) which after 4 months of wear (in rotation of 5 bras- worn like twice a week so about 30 times) looks like this already: !
I felt upset as I expected more from this brand, the fabric looked like good quality. I put it on recently to test if the support is still ok, but the bra did not do much and my boobs looked kinda saggy, so it's kinda worn out?!

My Bravissimo Zara bralette looks after 4 and half months like this:

I only handwash my wired bras and the bralette I put occasionally in gentle 30C wash programm in a laundry bag.

Is this normal? Or signs of bad quality?
How many bras do you rotate? How long do you wear a bra until you replace it? At which signs you throw a bra out?

My Elomi bras I had for the same amount of time still are going strong and look like new!

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  • I am a bit of a poster child for "bad bra care". I consider myself to be doing well putting them in a mesh bag and using the hand wash/delicate setting on my washer. I never put them in the dryer. Hand washing something like an Ewa S or PL makes me nervous, like I will ruin it getting it wet. I kind of want to take them to the dry cleaner like a silk blouse.

    I try not to wear the same bra two days in a row, but since I have gained weight, I only have a couple that "fit". Before, I was probably rotating four or five on a regular basis, with one or two others on occasion.

    I am currently trying to decide if I should toss my old Panache sports bra, the wire has escaped the inner channel, so it really is not functional, but because it "looks" decent, I have trouble tossing it in the trash. Of the bras I have purchased since finding out how bras should fit, I only have a couple that I think are worn enough that I should consider getting rid of them. My Panache Porcelain was a good fit, but has had a long run and is a bit stretched out in the band and not as supportive in the cups as it was. Had I not gained weight, I would be donating it, but instead, I am hoping it holds out until I drop a few more pounds and (hopefully) fit into my old bras again. My Cleo Mimi is definitely stretched out in the band and should probably be retired, but it is so, so pretty.

    My bras seem to last for a while (two or more years), I am not sure if that is because of rotation, high quality, or me not noticing that they are losing support. I was surprised at how much more supportive my new t-shirt bra was compared to my old Porcelain. I knew the bra had stretched a bit, but I did not notice a lack of support. I suppose it is like shoes, you do not necessarily realize how worn your sneakers are until you try on a new pair. "Oh yeah, THIS is how they should feel!"

  • AllyBra maybe you can remove the wires from the panache sport and use it as a lounge / home bra?
    I wash my bras by hand - unless they are non wired then I risk the delicate wash in the machine.
    I used to have Bravissimo bras in heavy rotation (wore at least once every week) that held up over 1 year until wire popped or they became unwearable. Yeah probably I wore them a bit "too long" too, but they weren't showing loose threads or gave me a "saggy" look.

    Maybe bra quality has declined over the years in general as with all clothes? It's annoying as they increase in price all the time and there is not many sales going out esp. on larger or in general less common sizes.

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