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Ewa PL sizing? Between 65DD and 65E » All bra adventures


Ewa PL sizing? Between 65DD and 65E

I'm thinking about trying the EM Cappuccino PL (new version) from Levana Bratique. They currently have size 65E in stock and 65DD is special order. However, their shipping is rather expensive and I don't want to order unless I feel really confident about my size.

The problem is that there is no measurement for the 65E on BTB.

I have compared all the PL styles in these two sizes and unfortunately it looks like the cup width, depth, and height all average out to be the same between the two sizes. Part of this is due to different users/measuring error and part is because most styles only have measurements for one of the two sizes and the other one is interpolated. The only consistency is that 65E has a slightly longer wire length, which I prefer. Surely it can't be possible that the cups are the same between the two sizes?

My averaged out findings (all PL: Cappuccino, Onyks, Milady, Malwa, Lilia, Triumf, Blekitna Rapsodia, Toffik, Black):
65DD: 5.1" cup width, 8.0" depth, 5.2" cup height, 7.9" wire
65E: 5.1" cup width, 7.9" depth, 5.2" cup height, 8.2" wire

Ewa's sizing calculator on her site suggests 65DD for me, but I have read suggestions to size up a band and a cup in the PL. I'm confident on the band size and am leaning towards the 65E, but would love to have feedback from someone who's tried both sizes in PL (or someone who has tried two neighboring sizes in a similar cup volume) to confirm the difference in cup size grading.

I’m not looking for suggestions on which size to order, I’m specifically looking for confirmation as to what the measurements should be for each size in cup depth.

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  • I would say 65E because you can always add a cookie to fill up any extra space. But...

    1) sign up for the return shipping plan with PayPal if you will be paying that way

    2) check the individual measurements instead of the averages for each, assuming that there’s more than 1 bra each

  • I'd go with the 65DD as you can remove the pads and the bra will stretch a little with the time.
    I was always wearing whatever Ewa calculator recommends and its good - just measured myself and got me 70F - the size I am currently wearing :)

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