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Jan 29, 2020 » All bra adventures


Jan 29, 2020

Just wanted to vent, but it seems like all my bras are getting to be too big in the cups and I’m getting more and more wrinkles which is annoying. I have lost some weight, but not a lot, I didn’t actually think it would affect my bra size so much. Boy was I wrong. My 30F/32E bras seem so much bigger than what I need. When do you all decide it’s time to start buying new bras/selling what you have? I guess it’s just annoying lol, I think I may need to remeasure as well. I’m lucky my size is not so hard to find, I’m just annoyed. Do you all feel like having bras with removable pads helps this?

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  • A few months ago I lost a few pounds, and my boobs shrunk a bit. Once I knew I wasn't going to lose anymore weight, I did buy a handful of new bras. Some of my older bras are still wearable though, they are just loose in the band. You can try cookies.
    It depends if you think you are going to stay that weight. I personally wouldn't sell off too many of your bras just yet. If you fluctuate again you may want the "bigger" ones if you gain some weight back. I did sell off 3 of the ones that I knew for sure didn't fit right to help fund the new bras (they were slightly too big even before I lost weight). So maybe if you need some funds for new bras, pick the ones that are the biggest/worst fitting to sell first.

  • Yes excellent point. I might gain it all back and then I’m back to square one. 😅 I think I will look for some cookies in the meantime. The bras still fit, but I’m not getting much “lift” I guess from them if you know what I mean. Like in my unlined bras, the shape is more droopy, not sure how to describe it, just not as nice like before. After going on this ABTF journey I have realized that I prefer my bras slightly too small than slightly too big which I never thought I would.

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