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Odour question

So a bra from a listing came recently, and it has a strong perfume odour. Now, I’m pretty sure that it was not the sender’s fault because I have dealt with them before and never had a problem. Plus, she says that she doesn’t wear fragrance and is also sensitive to scents as I am, so I can only assume that something happened to the package because even the envelope has the smell. There’s zero hard feelings towards the sender. This must’ve happened after it was mailed.

So anyway, I was initially going to try to wash it and see if I could get some of it out, but it’s a brand new bra, and as it does not fit, I’m probably going to list it once I can be around it to measure. So I thought maybe I will put it by my open window in my spare room and let it air out instead, but I don’t think that’s helping as it still has a smell. So I’m not sure what I should do. I’m less inclined to wash a brand new bra that’s only been tried on when I’m not even positive that it will fix the problem. But I also don’t want to send it to someone else who might be sensitive to smells like me. I am already getting a headache from the sniff I did earlier to test it out.

I mean, I could just do the measurements and get them over with and treat the headache and list it, with full disclosure that it is perfumed/has a scent. But I’m wondering if I have other options.


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  • I had a similar problem with a synthetic fabric shirt. I hung it outside and washed it several times until the smell finally dissipated. I do not think this is what you are seeking as a solution though! But if you have access to outside away from neighbour eyes - maybe in a mesh wash bag if not - that would be best for your headache.

    Later, I found out about Febreeze for fabrics. Unscented would be best. Friend of mine swears by it. Good luck in sending the bra on its way scent-free or not...

  • If you have a steamer, it works pretty well to get smells out! I did this to a jacket of mine I can only dry clean and it worked. Took a few tries though (it was like a smoke smell from a bonfire and pretty strong). I know theater people use vodka mixed with water (I think?) to get smells out, but I've never done it myself. I've also hung stuff outside to air it out, again mostly jackets and wool sweaters, and it worked for me. If it's strong it might take a few tries.

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