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Bravissimo style overview HH+ cups

Since I have quite a few Bravissimo bras here, I want to write a short overview on their bra the styles. It's about my size range 32HH / 32J. Please read carefully on Bravissimo page which features will be on you size, each bra is different with it's changes in larger sizes.

Group 1: Balconette bra / no stretchy lace:
32J - Bravissimo » Alana Bra (AU01) : new cut. (will do comparison of old new cut in a future post) firm fit, top section tends to cut in a bit on full on top boobs, overall very supportive. 3 hooks.
32J - Bravissimo » Dina Bra (LN578) is cut like Alana, 3 hooks, firm support. (why is this discontinued?!)

Similar styles (my research): Zoe, Lola, Candy Bliss, Rosa, Gabby, All older Balconette styles

(32J - Bravissimo » Maya (LN655) it is different in looks but the bra that is underneath the lace top is a balconette cut with no stretchy to me looks like Alana cut. Thick band, 3 hooks.)

Similar styles: Arla

Group 2: Full cup bras / no stretchy lace:
32HH - Bravissimo » Georgia Bra (LN563) : I don't like the fabric on it, it's kinda cheap looking and thin. Support is decent, 3 hooks, normal straps.
32HH - Bravissimo » Darcy Bra (LN260) : fabric cheaper than it used to be what happened to you Darcy? Where is the thick satin-y luxurious fabric? Ugh Also thin shoulder straps, 3 hooks. Darcy has stretchy lace but in 32HH it is lined with unstretchy fabric.

Similar styles (my research): Melrose, Selina, Selina Lace, Georgia Mesh, Erin, Evie, Lottie, Zadie, All older full cup styles

Group 3: Balconette bras / stretchy lace:
32HH - Bravissimo » Millie Bra (LN566) : OH I wanted to love it. Stretchy lace that moulds to shape, NO elastic band at the edge! 2 hooks in 32HH, thin straps.
32HH - Bravissimo » Camilla Bra (LN597) : loved my 32J but it wasn't the sturdiest of bras, but it fitted so well. The lace on top of the cups is super soft, wires are narrow, reminds a bit of EM SF bra. But oh this 32HH is even weaker thin straps and 2 hooks. Zero support left.

Similar styles (my research): Amelia, Blair, Iris, Ivy

Group 4: Full cup bras / stretchy lace:
32HH - Bravissimo » Lacey Bra (LN486) tall cups, stretchy lace with an elastic ribbon at the edge tends to cut in. 2 hooks in 32HH!!! Thin straps.
32HH - Bravissimo » Lacey Floral (LN652) : basically the same cut as regular Lacey just more fancy looking.

Similar styles (my research): Anna

So oddly group 1 works best for me, despite my full on top boobs. I just need extra support also of the upper cup half. In Group 2 I would have to size up since the top sections are not roomy.

Group 3 & 4: The bras felt unsupportive and weak. Like I would have to adjust them all day. Also mad jiggling going on just when I tried them on for a short time. I doubt I would feel comfortable all day. Also that the bands were thin and only had 2 hooks did not help with the support.

Millie and Lacey are good styles and I think about trying 32J or maybe even 30JJ so I can get a thicker band for better support.

Which styles you like from Bravissimo?

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  • Thanks for writing this up! This is amazing! :D I love the Millie bra, I don't think I tried that one. It looks so good on your pictures, sucks that it has thin straps. I also love the look of the Camilla, so gorgeous, great color too!

    I wrote some mini-reviews down on paper from when I tried some sizes on from Bravissimo (I need to find it). My size range was 30F/FF and 32E/F when I tried these:

    - I have tried the 30F - Bravissimo » Alexa Bra (LN553) and while I like it it's not an all-day wear bra (I think the straps are thin and not as supportive because of the back). Cups are shalllower, but gives great cleavage. I did like it enough that I got it in a second color:

    - Satine was too shallow and cups too tall. Couldn't make it work for me, tried multiple sizes. Looks pretty though and the satiny feel is to die for. I wish I could make this work.

    - The Elise I felt like the cups ran smaller than normal, band felt tight (but could be because of the cups being small).

    Of the bras I tried, I remember thinking my general feeling/impression was that they were pretty, but they seemed less supportive than say a Panache bra. This was an overall feeling I got, but I didn't try very many on like you did. I'm going to try an find my notes to remember what else I tried.

  • Oh I also tried the 30F - Bravissimo » Niya Bra (LN468) cups are shallow too and had zero immediate projection. Cups buckled when I wore them it was weird. Straps felt thin and flimsy. I think this might be good for a shallow, even shape.

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