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Freya bras don't work for me

When my size changed over the last year I started trying some brands that I haven't worn in a few years. After all, now being in the 32J/JJ range, I have more options. Enter Freya bras. I never had any luck with them. I always found the wires to be too weak in sizes larger than H-cup and the support was meh. There was one exception: I had a Freya Antoinette bra back in the day that wasn't too bad when I was at about 32H/HH and I grew quickly out of it. Famous Freya Deco was a disaster on me, my boobs just fell out at the center. (I have to admit I sistersized into some GG cup, so it was too small too.)

Anyway…recently I got the chance to try 2 Freya bras with free shipping: 32JJ - Freya » Viva (91258) and 30K - Freya » Starlight Side Support Bra (5201). I was curious about how they fit me nowadays. Both bras were huge failures. I have to say that I ordered them in too big sizes, but I still figured out by trying them, that the cut is all wrong for me and they probably still wouldn't work in 1-2 sizes smaller. The Starlight bra was wide and shallow. Exactly the opposite of what I need in a bra. The cups were even too tall for me. I noticed that there are barely any reviews of Freya bras in the size range of J+ cups and of the few there are, no one raved about them.
So I assume that these work better in below H-cup size range.

Do you like any Freya bras? Do they work for you? Any recommendations?
I also wonder if the cuts have changed over the years? To me it feels like the regular balconettes are all quite smililar, nothing new was added?

To say something positive: I love the straps on their bras above H-cup! And some of the designs are really pretty.

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  • Freya is my favorite brand but I’m in a different size range (28ff-30f) and I’m sure that makes a difference because I’ve read that Freya’s scaling above G cups really sucks. I’m pretty even but maybe skew a little FoB and have average width roots. I’m also low-set and have never met a wire too tall! I love all their balcony plunge cuts and also the 4-part half cups like Lauren. Freyas just seem to perfectly encapsulate my boobs for some reason and I can always count on them to come up high enough to encapsulate the breast tissue in my upper sides/armpits. I will always love Freya lol!

  • Just as a side note... this seems to be a pattern with the UK bras not working well over an H cup. I have only tried a couple Freya bras in the past. Their regular bra shape is not for me (FOT wide/shallow) and the sports bra is very wide and small in the cups.

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