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Where to start with EM? » All bra adventures

Where to start with EM?

So feel free to link me to any similar posts with good answers if I'm repeating what others have asked!

I'm waiting for a 28FF Cleo Marcie, 60HH Comexim Ingrid, and 60J Comexim Basic Plunge to come in the mail, and I'd like to order my first Ewa bra in the meantime. Bratabase mostly recommends 60FFs for me, but many of the measurements for EM 60FFs show that they fit a breast perimeter smaller than like 9.5 -- mine is 9.8 and my 28F Cleo Marcie, which fits 9.1, is way too small for me. Most of the data for 60FFs/60Gs/etc is for discontinued EM bras, and I'm feeling very overwhelmed with narrowing down what I might want to purchase in light of the fact that I might have to be a "pioneer" of data for a bra in a certain size.

I don't think I'm quite ready to try such a daringly revealing style as the SMs or SMNs, and I'd like to try out a bra with those removable cookies, preferably one that gives me that famously round, uplifted Ewa shape. I think I have short roots and I know I'm projected.

I'm not expecting size recommendations since it's just so hard to figure out, but I would love to know if anyone can recommend me a good "diagnostic" EM bra or maybe let me know what general sizing trends are like in her various lines. Maybe an M style?

Thanks everyone! No need to give super detailed answers, just a little advice would be wonderful. Have a nice night!

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  • I think that you might be good with M, PL, CHP, and maybe S and/or BM. S might be too shallow but it’s the same shape as SM only padded. BM is unlined and a more natural shape, but has a little stretch lace on top. M cut is a petite cut, but it does cap out in size out right around our size. So you may or may not fit the largest size offerered. Take note that it’s known for having a really tight band, 1-2 sizes smaller than marked. M is similar to PL as both are plunges.

    I mostly take 65FF in Ewa. In UK bras, I’m mostly 30F or 30FF. Hopefully I have helped you some.

  • I wonder if you would fit this one

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