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Anyone know bras that are really center full? Kris Line maybe? » All bra adventures


Anyone know bras that are really center full? Kris Line maybe?

Hope this is the right place to post this, I feel like I'm so close to finding my unicorn bra but this last issue is in the way. Even if everything else is perfect, the wire always slides down on me no matter how deep the cup and how perfect the fit and I recently realised that this is because of my center fullness/projection that puts too much pressure on the gore and then pushes everything down if there's not enough center projection.
I'm full on bottom but with tall roots, really projected, soft tissue, def not self supporting, ~ 30GG-H
My best fits were probably Ewa Michalak SM bras, Mimi Holliday Maxi bra (this one definitely had the sliding issue even if it looked perfect), Empreinte Cassiopee (Also sliding issue)

I heard Kris Line probably makes the most center projected bras out there, I tried 3 of their bras but they all came way too small in the cup, if anyone knows about Kris Line I'd like to know if it's worth trying some cup sizes up?

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  • Out by curiosity I checked the Mimi Holliday Maxi bra on intrweb. Lovely sheer piece of kit, I'm with you on that. However it seems that even professinal models wear it somehow lower than the fold.

    I have a "supermarket grade knockout" sheer that has similar tenrency, no matter how tight the straps.

    The lower gore is too wide, as a result the front "beam" bends down in the center even if the lateral portions of the cups litterally bite my boobs at tight straps settings..

    Result, the tighter, the more the gore tacks and the lower it goes.

  • I saw you had two Kris Line bras. I'm sorry that you could not get the right size. The truth with Kris Line is that despite the name of the cups is like EM or in UK brands, but in reality they don't coincide. I think the better size will be 70I or even 70 J for you
    If you would like to try, order a Kris Line bra or have questions, please contact me:

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