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Just some musings

One thing I've realised, is that I don't think my bra band will for me quite where it just. It doesn't ride up per se. But it maybe sits a little higher than it 'technically' should. But I think that's in part due to two things.

1) I'm short, so I'm going to have to adjust my straps, and it's going to always be all little higher than the placement on a average height person, I think. They are never tight either, in fact I think I sometimes put it looser than it should be, lol. It's a throwback from when I used to wear some ill-fitting bras and loosened the status to prevent muffin-top... I've think I've found the right placement though.

And 2) I almost always have to push up my cups, do that the underwires sit higher. When I do this the cups fit better. Granted, this hasn't been much of an issue recently. My EMs don't really slide down, and if they do it's not horribly low down *looking at you Jasmine* it's juuuust a little way down. Funnily enough my Nina (bravissimo) is the only one that really stays put. But that bra has it's own set of issues. It's interesting though, because the stretched band figures are similar to each other?

That being said, the band doesn't really pose an issue for me, because I'm still getting the support I need but it's just interesting to note.

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  • When you say sitting higher than it should, do you mean it curves up and doesn't sit in a straight line? Or sits higher at the back than at the front?

  • Oh yes, thanks for outlining the issue of underwires position.

    A lot of bras that I see are worn too low. Meaning, they can't just perform and turn into boob splashers. But there's worse.

    A bra worn too low, unless in the realm of A to B, will accentuate the downwards bending of the breasts.

    Resuting in a very strong delamnation effort, where the lower portion of the skin is forced downwards, kind of similar of peeling a ducttape.

    This is a very nasty constraint from mechanical point of view. Few materials can take it in the real world. That's why it's avoided in structural design since it also has a very strong shearing (think scissors) effect.

    Here I get a bit crazy on bra mechanics:

    However you're spot on what is probably the most evil effect of ill fitting bras: Low positioned cups & underwires.

    Hey, it's not rocket science, beats me on how often even professional models display this situation.

    Fear of projection or blattant misfit, I guess that 80% of bras I see are worn way too low. But how much low is too low ?

    IMHO, anything above a few milimeters is already in the danger zone.

    Best regards,


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