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Jeanette lingerie

Anyone have any experience with this shop/chain in LA? Their motto is something like “the bra alphabet begins with D” or something.

Because we have to go down to LA on Wednesday evening and leave Sunday, instead of flying in on Thursday and leaving Monday, that means that we’re going to be there a whole day before the convention begins (though Lobby con and the In and Out run happens in the evening as an unofficial start). I was thinking that maybe I could go there to try stuff on, as it appears to be the closest place to our hotel, though I don’t know what an Uber will cost to get there, but it’s just off the 405 on Santa Monica Boulevard and should not be too far. Plus, it appears that there’s a Starbucks nearby where hubby can work from.

But the website makes it look like it’s less a browsing boutique and more of a fitting boutique where you are brought bras to try rather than go through the racks. Which I get. But in my case, I’m very unlikely to buy, and I really just want to go there to try on lots of stuff....I don’t mind being fitted and having advice, but I definitely don’t want to lead the sales person on either (having worked commission jobs before). Though I do know for sure I can’t afford the Empriente or Prima Donna bras, but I do have a curiosity about the fit. Plus, I might be able to try other Panache and Cleo bras, though unless it’s hugely marked down, I won’t be able to get because we have to be frugal with the trip still. I mean, maybe I can get something, but very likely not. If it’s between a bra or a picture with Catherine Tate...she wins. Hands down. Donna is my favourite of the nuWho companions and when am I ever going to have another chance to be in a picture with her?

Thoughts? Should I just not go? Should I go and be upfront and just say that I’m interested in the fitting but can’t buy anything, or should I just be slightly deceptive (against my morals and better judgment) and just go in for fitting and try lots of stuff and then say I have to consult with husband before I make a decision but just not come back?

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  • Do go!, I haven't gone myself but this is the go-to for D+ cups in the LA area, I wouldn't expect polish brands, but for sure the US brands and some UK.

    Maybe just be upfront that you're browsing because you heard of the store and wanted to visit, that's not a bad thing either.

    Fun fact, Jeanette Goldsten (the owner) was Pvt Vasquez in the Aliens movie, also an appearance in Terminator 2!. And she's done a bunch of other movies since :P

  • Whoa! How cool is that! I’ve actually never seen Aliens or Terminator, but I’ll have a look at the IMDb!


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