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Moving straps on a Panache Jasmine » All bra adventures


Moving straps on a Panache Jasmine

Hi guys,

Question to you about altering my bras:

I just bought 2 Panache Jasmines, and they are great, with the exception of the straps being too wide set and digging into my armpit rather painfully. Of course I noticed this only after I removed the tags so I can't send them back.

I have some sewing skills, so I am contemplating moving the straps in at the front and making the arm hole a little wider. However, because of the straps being attached to the side sling there's not much room to move them in, about 1 strap width I would say. I therefore think I should perhaps also change the position of the straps in the back. I think moving them in there too would make the straps angle inwards a bit more, thereby relieving my armpits a bit more.

Has anyone ever attempted to do something like that to a Jasmine or similar model? If so, what were your results?

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  • I’ve done a back strap alteration on a Curvy Kate bra and it worked: 40J - Curvy Kate » Cabaret Plunge Bra (CK5111)

  • I've lowered the armpit curve without moving the strap, which got it out of the armpit nicely (without changing the cup shape or fit):

    Another suggestion would be to turn the straps into multiway without changing their placement, to allow for a cross back which could help get them out of the armpit as well without changing the cup shape/coverage/fit that moving the straps in the front can do.

    @cupandahalf I love your alteration! It never even occurred to me to do that, even though I'd seen it on the Ewa SM bras. Thank you for that! :-)

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