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What type of bra-buyer are you?

I've come to the conclusion that there are two ways to buy a bra: 1) expecting perfection 2) settling on "close enough".

I've bought a lot of bras this past year and each time I hoped I bought the Holy Grail of bras. When it arrived and wasn't boob supporting, shape-enhancing, comfortable perfection, I would always send it back (if possible).

Now that I've reached the cup range of H-J depending on the bra, I've become far less choosy when it comes to perfection. I'm still hopeful for perfection but I don't usually get that perfection without a needle, thread, and a bit of finagling. The cups are always either too tight in the bottom, but the top fits (those go back immediately. I can't stand my heavily projected bottom boob to be squeezed). Wires tend to be too wide, especially in Curvy Kates, and the top of the cups are too tall and floppy. I'm okay with those imperfections if the "bottom boob" is happy. Maybe I've become too tolerant of imperfection, but sometimes it's easier to sew a bit of lace than to send it back and look for another option.

So, what type of shopper are you? The perfection hunter, or the settler?

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  • I was 1 and now 2. Nothing fits my shape correctly so I have no choice. I can’t sew so it’s “how bad does this look”.

  • Sovavosi, I wouldn't say my alterations are beautiful, but they are adequate. Your "how bad does this look" is the same thought process I go through every time. My husband wonders why I keep trying when I have several that are good-enough, but I'm still hopeful.

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