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Finding new bras after weight loss

Once I found my true bra size a little over a year ago, it was like a whole new world opened up for me. I bought a huge beautiful wardrobe of nice bras, mostly Ewa Michalak and Comexim (mostly secondhand, thank goodness).

Then this spring I started making some changes in various aspects of my life in an effort to improve my health, and since then I've lost 40+ pounds (went from a US dress size 16 to a US 6 or 8). I know everyone says it's unlikely you'll lose a ton of weight from the boobs, but that's exactly what happened to me. I went from a reference size 34:10 or 34:11 at my largest point to 32:6 currently. My boobs are a totally different shape now, and look a bit sad and deflated, but I'm much healthier overall which is what matters!

As much as I dislike paying full price for anything, I finally decided there was no way around it anymore and I've ordered several replacement Ewa bras this morning. I am in dire need of beige bras to wear under light shirts for work, so I ordered the pearl BM bra, PL Nugat, and a new S Orzechowa Pralinka. I'm so excited! I've really missed my EM bras, I used to wear them almost every day.

Has anyone else experienced this type of change in size? Any tips? I feel like everything I thought I knew about brands/fit is different now; Freyas were universally too wide for me but in my new cup size they seem to fit fine so I picked up a handful of Deco Vibes the other day. They're all neon colors and feel like boob armor but it's nice to have bras that fit! I'm also really digging half cups at the moment, I just picked up a few Fantasie half cups on eBay.

Also, during this process I've accumulated a ton of bras in the whole spectrum of sizes between 34:11 and 32:5. If you see one listed on my profile that is from my larger days, feel free to send me a message about it. I am behind on measuring all my bras (so I can't list them officially yet) but I have probably 20-30 I need to sell!

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  • I loose weight evenly across my body, and I fluctuate between 116 and 130 pounds regularly throughout the year, and even with just that little difference I can change from 28E to 28F to 28FF/30F! While it's not that big of a difference, it definitely makes buying and keeping bras difficult. The bigger my breasts are, the more sensitive, so I can't just cram them in a small bra until my weight goes down again. It means I measure regularly.
    I noticed a shape change after being out of a 32B and in 28E for a while; they no longer seemed wide and flat and spread out from my sternum to my under arms. I went from wearing Tutti Rouge to needing more narrow and deep cups after swooping and scooping regularly.
    Now they're definitely more narrow and projected. With weight gain, they definitely stick out more than grow wider, so I completely understand how you would find wider in proportion cups to fit now that your breasts are smaller. Some people's breasts grow evenly out and their root also gets bigger, some just get more projection while their roots stay the same.
    It can be frustrating, but breasts are ever changing, and this is how it will be the rest of our lives! :P Good luck with your new bras though, I definitely hope you get some perfect fits! :)

  • Who on earth said people don't lose a lot of weight from their boobs?!!! Unless you are 14 feet tall, 40lbs is a good bit of weight. OF COURSE your boobs will be affected. What I think happens to some people is that they lose weight when they are very young, and the breasts are actually still growing. Sometimes the hormonal changes caused by weight loss can even stimulate more breast growth than the person would normally experience during the same period of time. So as they lose breast fat they gain actual glandular tissue and then end up with a breast volume that is not reduced as much as they expected.

    Yes, to answer your question, I did experience a similar change. At my largest (non pregnant) I was probably around 32:10 and I'm now roughly 30:6 (with some wiggle room and I STILL find myself sizing up a wee bit to fit center fullness, comically enough. If my tissue were distributed differently I would probably be 30:5 pretty consistently).

    You basically just have to pretend you got a completely new and different pair of boobs. Brands and cuts that used to be hot mess express may now fit you perfectly. Brands that used to be your match made in heaven may have absolutely nothing to suit your shape. Materials or constructions you used to avoid may now be great for you. Just go about it methodically and you'll find your new bra BFFs!

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