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Fat, age, gravity, migration and none bra fitting » All bra adventures

Fat, age, gravity, migration and none bra fitting

As everything on my body has gone south by age and weight not only does my boobs sit lower but my stomach and underbust as well.

If I lay down flat on my back or bend over everything goes back in place. Then I can see my boobs being very high on chest rather than the low on chest look I get while standing up.

This probably explains why I crave the tighter bands so much.

The tighter bands with more stable wires and wings kind of makes me achieve this look standing up.

This also explains why I have thought I cannot wear a longline, because of the roll pressing my underwires from underneath.

As I've been wearing too small bras for 20 years I also have cropped my boobs off terribly. I wanted my boobs front and center. I pushed them front and center. They are not front and center. They never ever was meant to be front and center. Ever.

This is why I always gets sad when I see young girls complaining of their boobs going "east and west". I'ts a perfect natural look. If your boobs are to the sides, don't push them front and center as you will ruin the shape of your boobs to achieve a look you don't have.

I always wanted the shape of an hourglass. I've totally accepted that as impossible five or ten years ago. I was a square shape.

I just never realized not allowing my boobs to be the way they were was what made me look like a square.

At the age of 39 I've seen a new body taking form and yup she does have curves. Not hourglassy curves but still, curves. I wish someone would've told that insecure young girl this. Then maybe she would've stopped dieting and stopped wearing those goddamn too small pushups.

I do not mind being fat. I do mind however looking shapeless when I'm not.

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