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comexims + first ewa michalak trials

Just doing a combined review so I don't forget what was going on if I don't get around to it before I send them back! I emailed Jaimie and got some recommendations on bras to try: four Comexims and two Ewa Michalak. Specifically, 75H - Comexim » Victoria Half Cup (407) , 80G - Comexim » Ginger Plunge Bra (365) , 80F - Comexim » Rose Plunge Bra , 34F - Anna Pardal For Comexim » Florence Nuance Plunge , 80E - Ewa Michalak » S Szykuś (426) , and 75F - Ewa Michalak » Sm Malinowy (840) .

I'm getting so close to actually having a fitting bra. But basically pretty much all of them had either minor or major quadding issues. The Comexim Halfcup is clearly just a really bad shape for me; it seems much more shallow and wide, and I was pretty much falling out of it.

The closest fit was EM's SM Malinowy, which looked good until I put a shirt on which highlighted some strange flatting/bulging out the top. Not exactly quadding, but like I'm not really fitting into it as expected. My guess is that the stretchier top was letting me 'escape' out that way, but the firmer bottom ended with more of an angle than expected. Since the EMs both also had bands that were uncomfortable to me with the 2-hook closures and gores that were just slightly too tall, they're still getting returned, but I'll have a PL in a 75FF and 3-hook band on the way to try that, fingers crossed, will just work. EM's Szykus may have simply been too small, so I'll have to try another S at some point to see if it can work for me. I mostly had just slight quadding after removing the cookies, but that band was much too big to be comfortable long term.

Runner up was the Comexim Ginger Plunge, which was mostly okay but I was still quadding out of slightly. Primarily this was my least favorite colorway though I just. Really really dislike these cream colors on me. The fabric is also somewhat scratchy and for whatever reason this one cut in on the right side. It's a particularly non-stretchy band, so even though it's supposedly a 36 I find it fits more like a 34, I think it's the lace outer that's preventing the usual stretch.

The one that got me excited was the Florence, though. It's definitely just plain too small, so that I was spilling out the sides and a bit out the top, so I'm exchanging it for a size up. But goodness the fabric is so soft to the touch, and I love the pattern and color a lot more in person than I did in pictures. I almost wanted to just keep it anyway, it's so comfortable on even despite the size disparity and I love the look, but I was in luck that Jaimie has a 34FF in stock so I'll simply exchange it instead.

Comexim's Rose was a bit hilarious. Not really sure if it would have actually worked better in a cup size up or if it's simply a bad shape fit; I'm more even than truly FoT, but my breast tissue is so firm that I definitely need more leeway than the ribbon accent was giving me.

All in all, it was unfortunate nothing actually worked, but I have my fingers crossed that just going up a cup in the Florence will be perfect. And I'm feeling somewhat hopeful about the EM PL, too-- the SM was so close. And I have a couple more Comexims on order after that also, so here's hoping the next batch will be a good one. I'll post pictures at a later date!

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