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Bra fitting help » Sister Size Dilemma

Aerie » Unknown Model » 34A 34:1

I got this bra two years ago but it isn’t very worn because of the fit. I have slightly uneven breasts, and this bra makes my left breast look so balloonish and massive that I don’t enjoy wearing it unless underneath something very loose. The center gore floats away from my sternum. I recently measured myself on the r/abrathatfits calculator and got 30C. I understand my band size of 30 (this bra is on its innermost set of hooks in the photo), but aren’t 30C and 34A sister sizes? I am also not really sure of my breast shape; I thought I was shallow with wide roots because I’m basically flat under most shirts, but I’m still relatively projected compared to some of the examples. I just want to confirm my size+shape before I drop any money on new bras, especially as I am a broke college student. I usually wear bralettes/sports bras because it seems like I burst out of A cups, but B cups gap a lot. I really hope I can someday fit into a real bra like the lingerie adverts or some of the other women on this forum. Thank you for reading!

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