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Bra fitting help » 34GG - unsupportive due to cup size being too big or shape mismatch?

Curvy Kate » Princess Plunge Bra (CK6011) » 34GG 34:10

Have put on quite a bit of lockdown weight and much of that seems to have gone to my chest, having gone from a 32FF to a 34G. Bought this bra for something somewhat supportive to wear in the house. The cup is definitely too big, as you can see from the wrinkling both near the gore and the apex. The gore sits nicely and I really like how the wires fit under the armpit. I'm currently on the tightest hook of the 34 band and could probably make th 32 band work. My main problem is the fact that this bra feels completely unsupportive - it'd be no more uncomfortable to jump up and down bra less than in this bra. Is this solely a product of the cup size being too big or is there also a shape mismatch? I'm also not a fan of the East-West sort of movement that's happening - I'd like the tissue to be more pushed towards the centre. I'd describe myself as horizontally centre full, even vertical fullness. I have wide roots with lots of tissue under the armpit. Haven't figured out whether I'm shallow or projected yet. My current favourite bra is the Fantasie Allegra Vertical Side seam but it's currently a cupsize or two too small.
I've had some success as well with the Freya Fancies Plunges. Would love any insight as to my degree of projectness and any further bra recommendations. Thanks!

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