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Bra fitting help » Seeking the right modifications to get this style to fit.

Comexim » Magic Plunge Bra (455) » 80L 36:12

Issue resolved

Modified next bra with deeper at the wire and that worked well.

Original problem

I am trying to find the right balance between support and getting the immediate projection I need in my bras. Comexim plunge bras have worked well for me when I request more immediate projection and reduced cup height, but I’ve had to go up in my cup size and I’m really aware that I’m losing structural support with these modifications in the larger cup sizes. I decided to try a bra without modification so I could reassess what I need and ordered this bra.

I’ve been wearing it for a month or so. It provides great, firm support and contains my soft breast tissue. I feel very supported in this bra, but, while it has good projection, the apex is too high as I need more projection at the wire. When I wear this bra, my tissue tends to push down the cups, which start to dig in at the bottom and I have to adjust the bra and pull the cups up into position. I’m trying to figure out how to get the projection I need without losing the support this bra provides.

My last modified Comexim bra was an 80K pearl flower mint plunge style and I have the projection I need but I’m not getting the containment and support my soft breasts need. I feel like I’ve lost some of the lift that the unmodified 80L provides and it feels like I’m going to fall out if I bend over,

I’m considering ordering a plunge with increased depth at the wire but without changing the cup height, but am not sure what cup size would work best. My breasts are centre full, FOB but I am filling out the tops of my bras more as my cup size has increased.

Would ordering an 80K plunge style with more immediate projection, but unmodified cup height give me the space, containment and support I need or would I be better off trying it with an 80L plunge? My best fitting bras right now are Sculptress Chi Chi in 36GG and the Ewa Michalak CHP style in 80GG, but both have gores that are just slightly too wide for my close set breasts.

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