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Bra fitting help » Gorsenia too small. Do I order by Bratabase measurements or by cup size?

Gorsenia » Blanca (K357) » 80I 36:9

Issue resolved

I ordered a softcup in 80K and 80L from Other Eden. Sure enough the 80K is similar in measurements to a 36HH UK and the 80L is closer to a 36J, so they run a little large.

Original problem

Hi all! Can you please help me figure out what size I should order for my next Gorsenia?
I ordered this one in 80I because its measurements on Bratabase seemed close to my Curvy Kate Ellace in 34H. But I failed to take into account that 1) the Curvy Kate cups are made of really stretchy materials, and 2) that's the only reason it fits - I should actually have one or two cup sizes larger. Whoops!

So when I first put on the Gorsenia, I scooped and swooped and it was obviously too small, but my breast still seemed basically contained. (See first pics.) So I thought it was probably around 2 cup sizes too small?

But later I felt like breast tissue was escaping out the sides, so I scooped and swooped some more, with predictable results: huge overspill. (See later pics.) Eek. So maybe 3+ cup sizes too small?

Here is my dilemma: On Amazon, 80I is listed as equivalent to 36G in UK sizing, and my size of 36HH would be an 80L. So, that seems right, 3 sizes larger. *Except* the cup and wire measurements for 80L Gorsenias (or sister sizes) here on Bratabase - sparse as they are - seem more equivalent to 36J/34JJ bras that I have tried. The 80K, or even 80J, seems closer in measurements to the 36HH/34Js that fit me best. But, looking at the pictures, I don't know if 2 cup sizes larger would be enough. Should I go by measurements here or by the sizing on Amazon? I have to pay return shipping to the UK, so I want to get it right if I can.

The other thing that is making me sad is that this 80I has wires that are only just over 4" high (not long, high, like the radius of the arch), which actually fits my real root height. I was so thrilled, because it gets right up into my IMF for *once*! Most bras in my size are at least an inch or more too high. But I see that in 80L, Gorsenia wires would be just about as high as others, so I would have the same issue. :(

The last thing is the wire width. This 80I cup is 6.1" wide. I included a picture of the wire mark on the side of my breast, and it's clearly too narrow. (Oddly, it was not uncomfortable, though.) I think a 7" width would fit me best, does that look about right?

This bra is beautiful and I would love to find one that works! This model, which is semi-padded, only comes up to an 80J on Amazon, so it won't likely work. Other models go up to 80M, but are all unpadded, so I don't know how that would affect the sizing needed. Thanks to all in advance for your help figuring this out!

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