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Bra fitting help » Band rides up/ twists, underwire/cup seems too small or wrong shape

Aerie » Happy Unlined Demi Coverage Bra » 30C 30:3

1st thing.. I dont know how a good fitting bra should feel but I've been researching sizing, fit, shapes, roots, etc (and am still some what confused) when i look at the examples shown, i can generally tell the difference between the great fit and bad fit but when it comes to evaluating myself, I'm having a hard time. I know that this bra is uncomfortable and generally doesn't look or feel like a good fit but Idk what size or style to go to from here.

With this one pictured, I'm constantly feeling the need to pull my band down in the back and up or down on the sides( under my arms). Also, my boobs don't seem to fit right in the cups... I'm constantly scooping and swooping them back into the bra, especially in the center ( I think I'm center full but not 100% sure) any how, im constantly pulling up the tissue from my center breasts back above/ into the cup but then I some times feel like I'm falling out or don't have enough support in the center and I feel like my nips and or breats are being smushed and Im not sure whats going on with the outer tissue but i catch myself tugging on the outside of the underwire, near my armpits and trying to pull the tissue into the wire.

I did try a size 28DD in curvy kate wild cat balconette bra which was gapping/ sagging quite a bit at the top inch or two of the cups and i think the wires were too wide.. When i raised my arms to see my outer breast crease easier, i could fit a whole finger's width comfortably/ spaciously between the underwire and my crease. A similar fit with the fulfilled hawaii floral bikini top except it didn't gap quite as bad and i think the wire wasn't as far out but both bands seemed tight when i put my arms straight out in front of me.

If any one has size or style suggestions or could tell a guideline of what shape I have or about my roots or size info from what info is available, here...I'm all ears/ eyes..

If it helps any, without support my breasts seem to be center full (nips point slightly outward with the appearance of more tissue in the center) and when I lean over, they look a lot like triangles or ovals but the outer breast shape almost falls straight or somewhat concaved looking and the center is pretty full, causing my nips to push outward then the side boob dips in a little and evens back out with my ribs. When I'm standing and looking directly from the sides, they appear to be swooping or slightly pointed with a rounded bottom and pretty flat or very slightly sloped above the nipple.

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