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Bra fitting help » Too tall and too big? Should I go down a cup?

Comexim » Adore Plunge Bra (416) » 60M 28:13

Issue resolved

I have decided to keep this bra. The fit is actually okay and the gaping near the top of the cups isn't much of an issue. I emailed Anna of Comexim attaching the pictures I posted here and I got a reply but no evaluation of the fit yet. I think I shall ask again when I think of getting another Comexim bra.

Original problem

Based on my Comexim Arabella Pl I decided to go up in cup size for my next Comexim. However I was too overzealous and chose a 60M over a 60L.

At a cursory glance, to me it looks like the bra fits okay in the front and side views as well as when I'm wearing my thermal top. It also gives pretty good projection.

But from the pictures you can see that there is empty space near the top. The cups are also taller than I'm used to, which is pretty cool because I feel like I'm wearing chest armour. Nonetheless, I don't think the height bodes well for me. I can practically fit half my hand in the left cup and that's my bigger boob!

Unfortunately, mine is the only Adore bra on Bratabase as far as I can see. Guess no one else was enchanted by the tassel? :P

So I am asking, based on your experience, should I exchange the 60M for a 60L? Would that propel my breasts to the bra-fit of realms unknown? Or would the improvement be marginal and I would be better of settling?

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