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Bra fitting help » Does this bra fit? I think it's too wide...

Freya » Just Flew In Padded Longline Bra (1393) » 28F 28:7

I originally tried this bra on in a 30F and I felt it was too big in both the band and cup so I bought the 28F!

The gore really rubbed me at first but I bent it away from my sternum and it seems to have done the trick... though what is this usually a result of? As the band has plenty of stretch and I don't think it is too small!

I have really bad back fat in this bra, despite it being my best fitting, but no matter what I do it just won't stay in the cups!

I don't understand why it won't stay as the cups I believe are wider than my root so there is room for it? You can see where the wire has sat and it hurts my rib after a while at the end of the wire!

Can you tell what sort of root I have? I've put pictures up! I have no idea if I have a narrow root with wider boobs, or wide root with narrow boobs? I'm sure it's narrow though as wires always go beyond the crease, but maybe I'm wearing bras with big cups and the wrong shape so they seem smaller? Hence why I think I'm a 28F (wishful!).. I'm probably a 30B or something!

Also, are my boobs full on bottom or top or even? They are pretty empty after having a baby though. Are they close or separate?

Do you have any bra suggestions? I would love to try the Freya deco but I really don't think it will work or what size to try... or a EW! I just want to have a bra that fits well! I'm so tempted to just go back to the 32Ds!

Oh also, its seems to flatten the sides of my boobs... as in they sort of pull diagonally towards the center which makes them look flat... why is this? Do I need deep narrow cups as opposed to wide shallow ones?

I'm so stuck!


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