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Why is it I cannot find a comfortable bra that supports the breasts? If the bra has ... a center gore, the gore always feels too wide. By the time I get the correct cup size, the gore digs into the breast tissue, the gore is too tall, and the bottom of the gore pulls. Bras with the correct cup size dig into the flesh at the underarm. Also want a bra with some back support - a wing height of 3 inches and only one or two hooks does not support someone who is up in years. Have to have straps that are closer to the center of the body, do not want the straps at the armpits. Would like a bra with wider or no elastic in the band - when you are overweight the three-quarter inch elastic in the band just about cuts you in half. Don't want a bra that wrinkles and curls up when you sit down- the straight bands also dig into my flesh. Like the idea of the gore coming up higher on the body, but the bra often rides down and pushes the breasts down with it. I have two bras that I rotate between and one is only a band-aid that I wear at home because I bounce around in it. Can't wait to get home from work because I need to take my bra off due to the pain I am in. I don't go anywhere because I don't have a comfortable bra that I can wear past a couple of hours. I have tried being fit by the Double Divas, but one of the bras I bought I just can't wear because the cups are too big and the other is painful to wear. Where are the bra designers for women with close-set breasts and close roots who have a conical shape and breasts that splay outward?
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