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Mom of three, breastfeeding two! My boobs seem to get bigger with every baby....

Growing up I used ... to wear 34A (at my mom's insistence that that was My Size) or 32B or C (when I had more choice in the matter). My mom had small breasts and, I think, was a bit insecure that mine were closer to average. Thus, whenever I went shopping with her, I had to be an "A cup" so she wouldn't make passive-aggressive comments implying I just wanted to have bigger boobs. I didn't argue because bra sizing and fit just seemed utterly random to me anyway, so for all I knew she was completely right about my size. On the bright side, though, because my breasts actually were pretty small and didn't need much support, I never noticed much discomfort from those ill-fitting sizes. I pretty much thought they were just there to hide my nipples.

So when I became an adult responsible for my own shopping and learned about how bra sizes actually work, it made perfect sense to me, and I didn't think "I'm too small to be an E." E is only the sixth letter, nothing spectacular there. ;)

I've worn pretty much everything from 28E to 32GG at my highest weight right after pregnancy. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain, and subsequent weight loss changed both my size and shape drastically.

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