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Growing up I used to wear 34A (at my mom's insistence that that was My Size) or 32B ... or C (when I had more choice in the matter). My mom had small breasts and, I think, was a bit insecure that mine were closer to average. Thus, whenever I went shopping with her, I had to be an "A cup" so she wouldn't make passive-aggressive comments implying I just wanted to have bigger boobs. I didn't argue because bra sizing and fit just seemed utterly random to me anyway, so for all I knew she was completely right about my size. On the bright side, though, because my breasts actually were pretty small and didn't need much support, I never noticed much discomfort from those ill-fitting sizes. I pretty much thought they were just there to hide my nipples.

So when I became an adult responsible for my own shopping and learned about how bra sizes actually work, it made perfect sense to me, and I didn't think "I'm too small to be an E." E is only the sixth letter, nothing spectacular there. ;)

Thanks to my mom, I always feel like my breasts are small even when they objectively aren't compared to the average.
Because of this, I used to have the "parachute bra" problem alllll the time - my cups were constantly too big and bands constantly too small as I tried to overcompensate for insecurity by buying sizes that sounded "better" and forcing them to fit. Since realizing this, I usually try to size down a cup or two from what calculators tell me. Cups that are too big make me feel more insecure and are more uncomfortable that cups that are too small, anyway.

I've worn pretty much everything from 28E to 32GG at my highest weight right after pregnancy. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain, and subsequent weight loss changed both my size and shape drastically.

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