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Bra needs:
- Very wide wires
- Tall side wires
- Very narrow/low center gores

Bra wants:
- Centered shape (not east/west)
- CLEAVAGE ... (gosh how I miss it)
- Uplift! I like them hoisted
- Not too pointy green shapes or not too low purple shapes. I like them up, forward, and round.
-Wide, deep bands with four hooks.
-Wide, comfy straps

Bra hates:
- Too low/narrow stabby underwires
- Wide, low, pointy blue shapes (Elomi, I'm looking at you!)
- Shallow bottom sections
- Too wide/tall center gores
- Bands where most of the tension is thin elastic at the edges. I wish it was just one even tension strip of elastic like some of the "smoothing" bras in matrix sizes
-Thin straps

My boobs:
-Extremely wide rooted
- Extremely tall, going up to/above my collar bones in a thin layer
- Fairly even, though closer to FOB. I don't get the mounding on top of FOT boobs.

I strongly prefer plunges and cleavagey halfcups, but I mostly have much higher coverage stuff.

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