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I'm in between sizes depending on the make of the bra and also because (somehow!) I'm still growing, ... so I'm constantly trying on and reviewing bras (@
I'm 22 and from the UK and in my blog I like to express a sometimes brutally honest and frank point of view, laced with allot of humor and helpful tips =D hello world.

So things that fit me... anything from a 28f, to a 26G, 28G or an altered down 30ff. My measurements are 26-26.5 underband and 34.5-35.5 (hormones ladies! hormones!) over bust.

(sadly) Recently I have been trying on some 28/26 G's and seem to be having some more luck there! D= redoing my bra drawer!!!

I think I have perky boobs but not so much in the way of cleavage (without a bra) so its sort of an annoying thing.
I find that my chest is fuller at the bottom and sides so very 'rounded' and I don't mean fake looking, but not so much in the way of 'top heavy' like some are.

I look great in balcony cut styles =D

I wish more brands did 26 inch underband, or at least made very firm 28 inch underbands!

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