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All listings » 32FF Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless

Wonderbra (9469)

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Ships from Netherlands

Beautiful and functional strapless bra, the one with the built in 'hands'. It's barely worn and in excellent condition. I have lost weight and need a smaller size, so I would be interested in swapping this for the same bra in a 32E

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band82.0
Band Length70.0
Cup width18.0
Cup depth23.5
Wire length28.0
Cup height17.0
Cup separation1.5
Gore height6.2
Wing height11.5
Strap width0.0

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Owner's review

Another day, another bra, and this is a special one! My first ever strapless bra!

FYI: I have quite projected boobs with narrow roots, wide set with short roots, and even to FoT.

I never thought a strapless bra would be for me, but after hearing some rave reviews on a Facebook page for bigger boos, and especially after seeing some evidence of said enthusiasm for this Wonderbra model, my interest was peaked. I wasn't expecting it to work out, so I didn't want to pay full price, but it was on sale on Ebay, so I thought let's give it a go.

Much to my surprise, IT WORKS!

The construction ... of this bra is odd. It doesn't really have normal wires, but a firm band that extends down for an inch and a half or so (almost like a longline), which has firm plastic bits on both sides that come up from the band into the cup. These plastic "hands" sort of cup and hold your boobs. The plastic also runs under the cups, like sort of broad, flat wires, which provide additional support and structural integrity. The front of the bra is thus very sturdy and self supporting, it can almost stand up on its own. The band has broad silicone strips all the way along, which help it to stay in place. And stay in place it does.

At first I had to get used to the band, and thought it was sliding down, because it sits much lower than a normal band, but the band really doesn't budge, and the tops of the cups also do not feel like they move down. I associate strapless bras with girls (not me, I never had one) hoisting up their bras every 2 minutes, but this bra really doesn't need that.

The cups are relatively projected, which surprises me, as I understand that most strapless bras are shallow because they are designed to keep the boobs close the body (gravity being the heartless b*tch that it is). I think the plastic contraptions in this bra make the projection possible. The cups do smash my boobs a little, but more together than to my chest, if you understand what I mean. The plastic hands actually do a good job pushing my boobs to the centre. The tops of the cups curve back in a little too much for my breast shape, but not enough to cause problems, and it does provide a sense of containment that is nice.

I get pretty strong cleavage in this bra, which, given my breast shape, is quite extraordinary.

The gore does not really tack but I don't think it's supposed to, this is a bit of an odd design after all. The gore is quite low, so sweetheart and plunging necklines are an option with this bra (see pictures)! The sides come up quite high under the arms, so it will show under tops with very low cut arm holes. I think you can angle the band down a little to wear this bra under things that have low backs.

Because the band comes down quite low and is rather stiff, sitting down in a slouched position is difficult, as the front of the band does not fold and digs into my belly, but hey ho, it's a reminder to keep a good posture. The bra almost feels like a corset in the front, and a longline bra in the back.

It's thus not the most comfortable bra I own, but as a special occasion bra it's excellent! And it really stays put.

Looks wise, it is also surprisingly good. It looks a little like my Comexim Beauty, black lace over beige, with a broad, solid black trim on the top of the cups. The lace is super flat, and the black trim is very smooth and soft.

In all, I totally love this bra, and my next project is finding a strapless dress...

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