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Breast shape is a very important factor that affects bra fit.

Breast shapes gallery

We have a gallery of real breasts submitted by users. Refer to this to share and identify how do your breasts look.

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We're attempting to build a gallery using real breast pictures so users can identify which match their breasts best.

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Canonical breast shapes

The following is a list of canonical breast shapes that can be used to describe certain attributes of your breasts. Keep in mind that all of these shapes can appear in combined manner and on different degrees. For example someone may have very wide breast root, while other can have a more mild bit still wide root. To best depict these kind of variations we encourage to use the the breast shapes gallery.

Round boobs

Round breasts Mark this option if your breasts are mostly rounded.

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Pointy boobs

Pointy breasts Mark this shape if you notice your boobs to more somewhat pointy.

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Full on top

Full on top breasts

The description says most of it. If you do have boobs that are full on top choose this option.

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Full on bottom

Full on bottom

This seems like a more natural shape for larger boobs, it is quite normal that bigger/heavier boobs tend to be full on the bottom. Mark this option if describes you :) .

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Wide root

Wide root

Choose this if the part of your torso where your boobs are attached takes a big part of your chest. Usually when your boobs go back under your arms and are not very separate.

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Narrow root

Narrow root

This is the opposite of the previous shape, in this case your boobs do not have much tissue on the sides of your torso. This does not mean smaller boobs, just a small "root" of the breast.

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Wide boobs

Wide boobs

Wide boobs are boobs that are wider than the root, it is usually the case of slim torsos with narrow roots and big boobs.

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Narrow boobs

Narrow boobs

This will most likely go together with a wide root breast on a medium to small cup size. Where the overall breast tissue does not expand further to the sides than the breast root.

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High nipples

High nipples

Mark this option if your nipples are high on your breast.

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Low nipples

Low nipples

Mark this option if your nipples are low on your breasts, not necessarily pointing down, but just low on the breast.

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Close boobs

Close boobs

This means that your boobs are very close together on your chest. You usually have problems with the underwire rubbing your breasts near your sternum.

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Separate boobs

Separate boobs

Mark this if your boobs are separate on your torso and have two or more fingers separation between them.

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Rather Empty

Rather empty boobs

Select this shape if your boobs lack volume and/or have too much skin.

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Broad shoulders

Torso with broad shoulders

Mark this option if you have broad shoulders. This can make a difference in how the bra straps fit.

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Narrow shoulders

Torso with narrow shoulders

You should check this option if you have very narrow shoulders. You'll know this because you usually have trouble with open coats and purses sliding off :P

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High on chest

Boobs high on chest

This shape represents boobs that start very high on your torso, not necessarily perky, but they are attached close to your shoulders.

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Low on chest

Boobs low on chest

Use this shape if your boobs start very low in your torso, this may result in your breasts feeling like they hang low, but not necessarily, as this just means that your boobs are attached to your torso somewhat low.

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Surgically Enhanced

Surgically enhanced boobs

You'd mark this shape if you currently have any sort of breast implant.

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Pendulous breasts

Pendulous / low hanging breasts

You'd mark this shape if your breasts have a fair bit of hang and have a longer shape with most of its fullness on the lower part of the breast. Most of the breast mass folds below the infra mammary fold

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