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Breast shape is a very important factor that affects bra fit.

We aim to provide a gallery built with pictures from users of the site. This should help women identify which breasts look more like hers.


A limitation of just saying that your beasts are "full on top" or have "wide roots" is that they don't carry the grade or degree of the attribute mentioned. Bodies can vary in many degrees and a plain label, if still a good guide, cannot fully describe many attributes of the breast. You can read the original announcement post with the rationale behind it.

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Make your own sets

When looking at any breast picture you will see an option to add it to a set, these sets are groups of images that you can use to share around the internet.

Share them

Each set of image you see will have a link that you can paste around so others can see what you talk about.

See commonly grouped (Not yet implemented)

When we have a decent number of lists created by users we will be able to show which shapes are shown most commonly next to each. This will allow to cluster the shapes together and learn from users what they categorize each shape as.

Associated with bra fit

When you set your breast measurements you are invited to associate them with one of your breast shape sets that contains the shapes that match you both in shape and size. With this information, we can then tie your bras' fit with each shape entry and will be able to tell which bras fit best each shape, and which shapes are good for each bra.

How to contribute

Anybody can contribute to the gallery, we ask each user to submit 4 pictures. It is completely anonymous.

Contribute to the gallery

Frequently asked questions

Why aren't there any text/labels/descriptions with pictures?

This is a deliberate decision, we did not want to unilaterally designate labels to each photo, there would be someone that may not agree with us or we may even do it wrong.

As described previously, labels can be too constricting to use for description so we want to embrace the ranges of shapes. By not labeling we go for a different approach, just indicate which are the shapes you want and share those, no need to use labels that may not carry all the information you want.

At the end, by the usage of the shape sets we may discover what the users have named the shapes, that would be a better assessment that what just one party can decide. So please go and create sets with descriptions as we'll all learn from it.

Why don't you show which size each breast is?

Because of many reasons:

Why are there only small sizes?

Update 2014-10-25: We have added all the entries we have for all size ranges

Out of the submissions received, a pretty considerable amount of them were for the size range published. There are very few entries for larger sizes.

More size ranges will be published when we have more entries for each, we don't want to publish just one or two pictures of a range that may not be very useful and may not generate enough quantity for images to get lost and remain unidentifiable.

Why apply that blurry effect?

The blurry effect is Gimp's Oilify filter. After trying many options this proved to be the one that affected the images the most and helped greatly to make uniform the wide variety of different light used on all the pictures, hide small marks or skin texture, to a high degree take skin color out of the equation and other details.

This browsing is difficult

We tried to experiment with more complex browsing schemes that would allow to start by back size and then by breast volume, but they proved to be very difficult to conceptualize and made it very complex to keep adding new data without restructuring all. Also the initial lack of variety in pictures proved difficult to fully test more complex scenarios.

The decision was to start with a very simple linear browsing, as we see people using it and receive feedback we'll continue improving this as we see fit. This is a work in progress that we'll keep changing constantly.

Is this all there is?

No, At the time of launch there are roughly 70% of the submissions published, many won't see the light because they are either bogus or just too badly framed to be used. Also as mentioned above, we will only be publishing pictures once there is a good number of submissions on the range not to have outliers without similar to compare.

Will also be editing the rest of he pictures every day and adding more and more as they come, please consider contributing or bugging people on missing ranges to do so :)

What sizes do you need?

Right now most of the submissions are on the small frame, small cup corner of the spectrum. We need more of all the other combinations big frame small cup, big frame large cup and small frame large cup and all in between. We'll need plenty of each to have variety of entries for all shapes.

What format do you need the pictures in?

Preferably, straight out from your camera. We'll crop and edit according to described.

Feel free to crop your face from the picture if you accidentally got it in. But please avoid sending pictures with any effects, such as b&w or others. That gives us freedom to get the picture on the right tone and effect.


The images submitted do not hold any reference to your Bratabase account, we don't even know who does each submission belong to.

All images are edited by hand and we make sure to remove any tattoos, piercings, moles or visible marks from the bodies.

The effect applied helps to remove any skin texture and decrease skin color differences.

The backgrounds are removed and replaced with a checked background.

The files available are completely new images that do not contain any EXIF information that could have existed on your original submission.

We try to expose only size ranges with enough submissions so that it becomes more difficult to identify people from single shots.