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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band81.3
Band Length66.7
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width15.2
Cup depth24.1
Depth ratio1.6
Wire length26.7
Cup height18.4
Cup separation3.0
Gore height5.1
Wing height10.2
Strap width1.5
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My go-to bra for the past few years has been the Wacoal Lace Affair in 32G. This one is very very similar with some improved construction methods.

* The CUPS: Smooth cup edge; no exposed seams. Super soft microfiber outside. Memory foam inside. Top 2/3rds of the cups are smooth. Lace cradle on the lower third, which continues onto the band. Ever-so-slightly thinner padding on the memory foam's outer third, (presumably to reduce bulk at the armpits), while still allowing coverage for nipple show-through. You can see the curved vertical ridge inside the cups where it changes thickness. (When I first noticed it, I though it was wrinkling from shipping.)
* (For you technical geeks out there, I borrowed my husband's digital calipers to measure the changes in the cups' thickness. At the outer edge, between the strap and wire, the cup is about 3.25mm. Whereas 2" below the center top of the cup, I measured the thickness at 7mm. So yes, there is definitely a little padding front and center. But it doesn't appear to add volume when wearing it. (Maybe because of the memory foam conforming to your shape?)
* The WIRES: Feel ever so slightly long & low, like not quite 100% tucked into the IMF.
* The BAND: also microfiber, with encased elastic, so there's nothing scratchy against your skin. Again, very soft and comfortable. Seems to have the same amount of stretch the Lace Affair has that I've been wearing for years.
* The GORE: nice and low. Stays out of the way of breast tissue and tacks nicely.
* The STRAPS: fully adjustable. Firm stretch.

Some basic comparisons with the Lace Affair:
* CUP OUTER FABRIC: Style = non-shiny microfiber; has a slight flocking to it. Lace Affair = shiny stretch tricot. (Style's inner fabric is thin memory foam. Lace Affair's inner fabric is microfiber.)
* CUP DEPTH: Style = 9.5". Lace Affair = 9.75". Not quite as much depth at the wire on the Style that the Lace Affair has.
* CUP HEIGHT: Style = 7.25". Lace Affair = 7.5".
*WIRE WIDTH: Style = 6" wide. Lace Affair = 5.75" wide.
*WIRE LENGTH: Style = 10.5". Lace Affair = 10.25".
* BAND WIDTH: The biggest difference is here. Both bands are 4" at the wire, but Style immediately tapers to the hooks (in a modified straight band), whereas Lace Affair stays tall until the point of strap attachment, which is a Ballet style band. Also, there is no vertical reinforcement on the Style as there is on the Lace Affair, making the Style slightly stretchier.
* BAND LENGTH: I didn't bother to compare these two, because of the age difference between them. Wouldn't be a relevant comparison.
* GORE: Style = 1.2" wide X 2" tall. Lace Affair = 1" wide X 1 7/8" tall.
* STRAP WIDTH: Style = 15mm. Lace Affair = 18mm.
* STRAP LENGTH, fully extended: Style = 14.5". Lace Affair = 13.5".
* STRAP PLACEMENT: about the same as the Lace Affair. Definitely NOT center set.

* The Style measures slightly higher cup volume, despite the fact it feels more shallow than the Lace Affair.
* Cup shape on the Style shows more cleavage. The cups don't have quite as much center depth as the Lace Affair, which could easily make it prone to center quadding if greater projection is needed.
* Cup height on the Style is slightly lower, but not enough to be called a Demi.
* Despite being new, the Style is already more comfortable than my well broken-in Lace Affair. In my opinion, it's because of the enclosed elastic band and softer fabrics.
* I typically experience more back bulge (behind my arms/'fluff' over my lats) with a straight band, and have less of an issue with a Ballet back band. But with this Style T-shirt's modified straight band, the bulge is surprisingly minimal.

Hope this helps someone out there!

Eventide colorway

Updated on Oct 03, 2020 Flag this

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Fit information

On Aug 2021 It fit her!

Very similar to "Lace Affair", but slightly smaller cups.

On Jul 2021 It fit her!

Very similar to "Lace Affair", but slightly smaller cups.

On May 2021 It fit her!

Very similar to "Lace Affair", but slightly smaller cups.

On Jan 2021 It fit her!

Very similar to "Lace Affair", but slightly smaller cups.

On Sep 2020 It fit her!

Very similar to "Lace Affair", but slightly smaller cups.

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