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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band71.9
Band Length57.2
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width16.0
Cup depth41.9
Depth ratio2.6
Wire length33.0
Cup height26.7
Cup separation1.5
Gore height10.7
Wing height11.4
Strap width2.0
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Hm. I've been pondering this bra off and on all day. I've tried this bra that Mamapagan sent to me three different times today, and I just don't know how to assess the fit.

At first glance, there's a lot of wrinkling at the top of the cups. I'm not sure if this is just because I lack the upper fullness or if it's due to the fact that the bra itself is too big.

I have wrinkling on the bottom of the cups, but it's more of an "orange in the glass" effect if that makes sense.

The straps are so wideset that I think it attributes to the wrinkling/gapping I'm getting in the top cups.

The band is tricky. The band is too loose on the loosest hooks. The band seems to be a good fit on the third hookset, but after adjusting things a little, I found that the band rode up. Okay, fine, tried the second hookset. This option seemed painfully tight... But after I took some pictures of the fit, the band was riding up?

I don't know how to assess the fit. It's like I'm still getting a teapot effect, i.e. the weight of my breasts are STILL pushing the band up and cups down, which doesn't make sense due to the wrinkling/gapping, UNLESS it's just because of my lack of upper fullness and short root.

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Updated on Feb 11, 2019 Flag this

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    Making the band too tight + too tight straps == band rides up.

    If it's orange in a glass, are you having wire pain because there is breast tissue that is not contained under your armpits?

    This is just my opinion, but I do think that Ewa makes the cups too tall in the upper end of the range and very few people are actually going to fit it. If the bottom of the cup and the sides are filled out, then I'd say that it is a fit.

  • Sovavosi Hm. I understand what you're saying, but it was a combination of one or the other. My band was too tight and the straps were all the way loose, and then my band was too loose and my straps too short.
    I have wire pain when I wore it on too tight of a hookset, but that's understandable. I actually had welts from the wires from doing that.
    I feel like the bottom of the cup isn't filled out on my smaller side. I have the same issue on my larger side, but not to that extent. So are you saying based on that, that the 60L is too big?

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    Sorry the fit wasn't what you anticipated it to be. Hopefully your bras from Magda will fare better for you. 💙

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    If you’re an omega you probably won’t find wires narrow enough to fit you, if I understand how that works. How do the wires feel otherwise? Do they poke you in the armpit or ribs? If you can live with the wire width then I wouldn’t say it is too big. The first photo from the front looks good to me. You might need a 65 band though.

  • 1

    Or not, sorry I thought your snug UB was 29”.

  • 1

    Thanks MamaPagan Me too!

    @sovavosi the wire width is fine I feel. I don't have too many issues there. Just the odd cup dilemma.
    And haha, nope. Turns out I've been measuring incorrectly, but I'm a consistent 27ish UB anymore.

  • 1

    If it helps, here's an article on the orange in glass effect:

  • MamaPagan I thought mine could be considered orange in a glass because my tissue fits everywhere but the top and bottom of the cup, since I have that weird folding underneath my breasts in the cup of the bra.

  • Sorry about the fit :(

  • Not fitting in the bottom could be too shallow or the wires are the wrong shape.

  • Sovavosi Now what do you mean by too shallow? Like the cup? I'm confused :o

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    Frazzleberry It's okay! :)

  • 1

    If the bottom of the cup doesn’t have enough immediate projection then you can get wrinkling at the bottom of the cup. I don’t think it’s too shallow, rather that the wires are the wrong shape. The BM is her most projected bra AFAIK.

  • Sovavosi ah I see, I see. So you're saying my shape is incompatible with a BM?

  • 2

    Could be, but at this size there is so little choice. I think the responses in this Reddit thread might help you.

  • 1

    Sovavosi Thanks! That had a lot of helpful information. I'm still curious about how a 60KK might fit haha.

  • 1

    DerangedDragons19 I should be getting my BM Brownie sometime this week in 60KK (it finally cleared customs, it arrived the same time as my Gorsenia, so idk why it took so long). I'll be putting up the measurements when I collect it/have the time.

    Sovavosi that link was very helpful

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    Frazzleberry ohh goody! I'll be looking forward to your review! :)

  • DerangedDragons19 no problem ;)

  • 2

    I think the cups are just straight up too large - wrinkling in the lower cup can also just mean that the lower cup is too big rather than an OiG/depth at the wire issue. I suspect that the extra space is making the bra unstable, and your breast tissue is pushing the excess fabric over the wire at the bottom which is contributing to that teapot effect you're describing.

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    hugsforyourjugs that could very well be! I just didn't know how to assess the fit. I mean, maybe it doesn't fit? Maybe it does? It seems like from different angles it does fit, while others it doesn't fit. The cups felt more comfortable than my JJ's by far, but that doesn't mean it fits either, you know? I have a 60KK BM that should arrive Friday and I'm hoping that'll clear up some of my confusion. :)
    Thanks for your insight!

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    I will say that this bra is the first one that encapsulates all my tissue up where it starta under my arm. I noticed that I didn't have that weird tissue folding/pinching in this bra, so I felt that was a huge step in the right direction for me :)

  • Observe on my left hand side of the side view pictures :)

  • 2

    I'm not sure the wrinkling isn't just the bra. I have some wrinkling on various BMs, even ones that are too small.

    Sofia, when I was swelling out of it and it was painful:

    The bottom of some BMs just wrinkle, I don't know why.

  • 2

    I feel that while the BM in our range has decent projection, it still lacks the immediate projection right at the wire. :-/

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On Feb 2019 It fit her! View measurements

Strapgate makes this bra hard to judge. I think it fits, but then I think it's too small or too big. I don't know.

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