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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band78.7
Band Length62.2
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width13.0
Cup depth17.8
Depth ratio1.4
Wire length20.3
Cup height0.0
Cup separation2.0
Gore height4.7
Wing height8.6
Strap width1.9
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Didn't fit

I hate the Freya Deco. This bra is so tall and shallow. It's ridiculous. Why is it so shallow? The straps are also super thick (which is hard to hide). But most of all it's just weirdly shaped. Oh and the band is soooo stretchy. This one stretches to 32 inches. Is there anyone in this size range that Deco actually works for? Is it just a me issue? I don't understand how something so innocent looking can be so evil.

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Jul 16, 2015 Flag this

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  • I sleep in my 28F Deco Honey. The cups give me megaquad, but the rest of the bra is really comfy for me. Can't wear it out of the house, though.

    I also have a 28G Deco with lots of unusable cup space on the sides. Its worked pretty well since I reduced the height of the outer cups and moved the strap in to stop its pit scraping habits.

    To complete the experiment, I bought a 28FF in Lagoon hoping it would solve the quad AND cup height problem. Instead it had both, so I traded it. I hope it worked for her.

  • 2

    I just don't understand who the pattern fits! Why is the Deco so popular as to have so many incarnations? Is it better at bigger sizes?

  • 3

    I have a private theory that it works well with implants. I may be wrong, though. Maybe wideset, cleavage resistant boobs also.

    But cup height is a problem for me in most bras in my cup size, so I can't really single out the Deco.

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    It's cause it has tall cups and a lot of people have tall roots (including me). I love bras that can accommodate tall roots. In my size, it fits tall rooted, narrow rooted, close together spaced breasts and can accommodate people in the central part of the projection scale. If you're looking for a 28F bra specifically made for short roots, try the Cleo Lily.

  • Thank you Saskia_C! I've found unlined bras that work, I just want a seamless t-shirt bra that isn't ridiculous on me. I don't really think such a thing exists at the moment (Comexim the seams show through some things). I would like to try Cleo Lily, but it's a bit hard to find, and I think the gore would probably be painful on me.

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    Ironically, I traded my Deco for a Meg. A win all around!

    I wish the manufacturers could just say who a bra will work for instead of us having to find out the hard way.

    The real problem is that our size range isn't stocked, so cannot be tried on prior to purchase.

  • Yeah that would be so much nicer. Or if they could make multiple cuts of it. If Freya could cut a Deco like they cut their unlined plunges I'd buy it in a heartbeat, stretchy band and all. I just want a nude, seamless, t-shirt bra for work. Everything I have that fits shows through clothes.

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    I actually found the Deco works for me. But it's not perfect, at all. It could be much better, but it's the best fit I've come across. Imagine I'm quite on the tiny side, almost bony, and a chest that almost seems glued on my frame (thanks genetics). Most moulded bras were overwhelming and felt constricting. I just wanted a bra that doesn't flatten my boobs, brings them more forward so that when I move my arms I don't bump into them, and gives a good overall shape. The Deco does it - but not perfectly. It gaps. But it's the only one that doesn't spill when I take a deep breath. And it is tall indeed, it's limit on me. Were I any shorter it would not work at all.

    Anyways, hope it gives you an idea of who it would fit. I got it in 30E and I feel it kinda stretches out, so if you ever need to get rid of that 28F you're wearing (I only got black bras, would love nude), you can send me a message haha :)

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    I'd just like to see patterns used in more styles since we're all in so many shapes. I don't know why there aren't any UK manufacturers who do moulded bras for narrow/projected in a 28. I mean it can't be THAT rare or Polish bras wouldn't be so popular.

  • I can wear it well in 30FF, but then again I'm implanted. It doesn't tack but it still looks good. However, I've since broken up with Freya and have turned strictly to Polish bras now.

  • you guys are making me want to try polish bras now. have to learn the sizing though :o

  • 2

    Once you go polish you can't go back! There's nothing like it really.

  • Its totally worth taking the time to figure out sizing. I'm sure we can help you!

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    I do wonder why its apparently so tough to make molded bras for narrow/projected shapes. I keep looking at the Maddie and thinking "But its a Cleo...but I'll probably have to size up to a G and then it'll scrape my pits...but it's a Cleo...."

    Since Cleo has discontinued the 28 for several models (including the Lily/Erin) I suspect that they feel its not a very big part of the market.

    Regarding Polish bras, Comexim doesn't make a molded cup either (not sure about EM) and they have their own sizing problems. And had you heard of them before you came to this site? (I hadn't.)

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    I have a love/hate relationship with Deco in general. My Honey is a disaster. I seriously only keep it because of the color.. cups make me quad in the center, and they're too tall/round on top for me to ever fill.

    My Charm and Vibe fit better. Still have somewhat of an issue with Vibe's upper cups, but luckily the racerback option makes it less. Charm is much better..
    I totally agree that this would probably work best for implants acee

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    I heard about Comexim and Ewa Michalak through message boards on an implant site. There are no seamless bras through either company (unless you count EM's strapless), but even with my impants, Deco was never flawlessly perfect. You could always see the edge of the cup through a thin shirt, even on the original deco which didn't have edging. The Delight and Vibe models have horrible thick piped cup edges and frankly I would rather have seams than that anyway!

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    Just curious here (and you definitely don't have to answer), but with implants do you have to wear a bra? Or do they just sort of stay up?

  • 1

    ^^^ I always wondered that too. I'd like small implants, someday. I've never gone a day without a bra since I grew boobs. But if I could, I so would. :p

  • 2

    It mostly works for me. I have implants that make up about 60% of my breast volume. So I do have natural breast tissue that can conform to the bra cup. For a long time it was a staple in my bra wardrobe and my go to everyday bra. It worked well for me because of the narrower wires and it allowed for my projected center heavy breast. But since I've switched to EM I just can't get back into the Deco. I feel the original is very stiff and rigid, where as the other models like my yellow Deco are made of softer material and softer straps so I prefer them to the original. I wear them, but not nearly as much as my Ewa Michalak. By far the EMs fit me the best. Deco is like wearing a bulletproof chest plate. Lol

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    I think everyone is different but in general yes, you need to wear a bra with implants, to protect your investment. They still look very perky without a bra, but gravity will eventually take its toll. I was sagged pre-op and I definitely don't want to get back to that any time soon. I do hear of lots of ladies who were NOT sagged and are implanted who go braless quite a bit though so I'm sure it depends on individual circumstance.

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    For me, I wear a really good underwire bra. I've seen where some people have an issue with their implants bottoming out and it's surgery to fix it. So I think of it as preventative maintenance. Keep 'em high n tight. I do go braless at time during the summer and wear pasties. Now a days I just wear a stretchy bando if I want a little more than pasties. But it's maybe once a week when it's super hot when I go braless.

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    I have Freya Deco Honey (x 3) and the fit is not ideal. I have actually just recently found out how bad it is. But I don´t have problems with cup hight, I have tall roots. But the cups/wires are too narrow for me :( Also straps are too far apart, they painfully dig in the armpits after a day´s wear.
    I think I bought 28F, 30E and 32DD. That 28 was snug on me, so there are variations due to colour or maybe Deco Honey is tighter?

    I also wish they would make Deco in different cuts...

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    I have a 28F Deco strapless and I hate it. It doesn't really support anything, just sort of pushes it all to the sides and up because it's so shallow.
    The band is surprisingly tight for Freya though. I suck it up and wear it when I need to. I highly doubt there's any projected strapless in my size range, and I wear it so little that it doesn't really matter.

  • I thought curvy kate had one slightly more projected?

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    I have a theory supported by conversation with the ladies at a few respected local lingerie shops: the Deco gives the preferred American "look". Which is that elongated pancake breast thing, as opposed to "I have 2 proud breasts". The other thing Deco does is give that strong horizontal - as opposed to natural - cleavage line, also supported by programming (VS? celebrities?). Where the preference comes from is a combination of culture & marketing (all those flat chested models? feminism (sic)? clothes? the sizing system pushing you flat?) but the Deco caters to it by fitting the way it does and people are subliminally swayed by the look. I hate Deco and I can't imagine shoving my girls into it on a daily basis. Feels like punishment. Yet every time I go for a fitting or shop, it's what they bring out first...or clones just like it.

  • Whoops mean Vertical cleavage thing, not horizontal. That would be weird.

  • 2

    dbmamaz I don't know. I've never tried a CK. I've always read that they're very wide.
    Ewa has some strapless, and I almost got a Lilia on reddit, but it appears to a pretty Easy-West look that I don't like. At least my Deco isn't quite that bad.
    If Comexim did a strapless or multiway, I'd be all over that.

  • Ha! East-West*, though I don't think I'd like an easy West look much either.

  • Most CKs are very wide but some of their newer stuff is less so. Still wider than EM for sure. but not half-way around the back lol. ofcourse, i'm 32J so things tend to fit totally differently at that range anyways

    But still, look at the Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless/multiway Bra (CK2601) - ppl say its narrower/deeper than older CKs

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    I was shocked when my best friend (who, btw, opened my eyes to the world of online bra hunting) told me that her favourite bra was the Deco. I hardly ever wear mine and actually have no idea how it should fit. Pretty sure it doesn't fit me too well, but I have one anyway.

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    jennyanni Totally agree with you. I wear my Deco Vibe for my nude bra now (it is, literally, now that I've sold my Aerie-my only beige bra), and I'm actually really ashamed every time I walk out of the house with it on.
    I used to enjoy the "downward V" look I got from it, but now every time I see old guys just staring at my tits. And my bf doesn't notice a thing so he's just walking ahead like ":D *(^-^)/ *°♡ ~*" while I'm just feeling like a giant, grumpy boob - and uncomfortable all day xD

    @dbmamaz jlcl119 My first "maybe this fits" bra was an unlined CK. I realized recently that it looked so weird because the wires were a bit too wide. It had enough projection for me, but I really think it was meant for wider rooted, slightly shallow. That bra turned me off CK forever though.

  • I mean "downward V" body shape..not boob shape xp

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    yeah, i have 1 ck, the Lola, and its definitely too wide - but its a good shark week bra for me atm.

  • It does have a seem but is great for shorter roots, have you tried cleo Juna at all?

  • Isn't Juna supposed to be super shallow?

  • Isn't Juna supposed to be super shallow?

  • not shallow in the larger sizes, I used to think that too, ( Maddie is shallow) My 33GG Juna has re same wires as the 32GG unpadded Cleos, is one of the deeper of this type of bra, and is quite short. Just thought it might be worth a try for you

  • Sorry can't edit, obv 32 not 33!

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