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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band0.0
Band Length0.0
Stretch ratio1.1
Cup width0.0
Cup depth0.0
Depth ratio1.6
Wire length0.0
Cup height0.0
Cup separation0.0
Gore height0.0
Wing height0.0
Strap width0.0
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This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Jun 17, 2020 Flag this

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    Wearing pretty bras isn't "slaving for men." Not caring what your bra looks like doesn't make you better than anyone. You're probably joking or trolling but just in case you're not, that ego stroking comment is irrelevant to the review and it's insulting. Following an insult immediately with "sorry if it's annoying" is not something genuinely sorry people do. If annoying is exactly what you were going for though, then you succeeded beautifully.

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    What do you mean "real" vs "fake"?

  • The real one i bought for $80.oo at Hudson's Bay. The fake one i bought from ebay, for $25.00. When i received the fake one by mail the packaging was not the original but in a bag. It May be you could say they just got rid of excess packaging for shipping weight. The bra's are very similar but visibly i could see that the fake was different which prompted me to compare the two. What more could I expect at that price. Upon comparing them the fabric is so very different especially the feeling of it. In fact it was the feeling of The fake's fabric that raised red flags. It is more plasticy then the real, not that the real isn't made out of synthetic material, but the real is much softer, very soft. Also the real has more give which is why they do not have to let out the fabric as much as the fake. even when comparing the cups the fabric is more pendulous on fake. probably because their fabric wouldn't expand to the correct size and had to let out more fabric to accommodate the breast. the sides of the fabric just off the wire is where i see the difference, the real lets boob to the sides and molds to the boob, whereas the fake, it's bad enough there is no give in the fabric and they let out the tip to make a pendulous look, but the fabric surrounding the wire where it already doesn't have any give is tight. It's really laughable how much the fake may try to be like the real But it just isn't if you have a good eye. I really feel bad about people who might not have experienced the original and try the fake. The fabric is what i love about the original. sending back the fake will just be a hassle because i'm from Canada so i reserve the fake for rough work that i do. Now This goes to prove the old adage: "You get what you pay for." Which i am not one of those people who gets away with quality for cheap but love quality and am willing to pay i could have put this money toward a new one i am happy i have had a learning experience in the beginning of my bra quest.

  • also the tops of the cups on the fake where the strap is attached is not even symmetrical one starts higher, closer to the shoulder then the other breast. So this means that there is an excess of fabric and their pattern has started off wrong to make it lop sided so everything about it after that is wrong. the illegal makers don't have inspections, not a big surprise there.

  • What I want is everything this bra gives, the band is wide with 3 hooks, the underwire follows my root and ends where my root does, I could cry for this fact after being told so long I was a size 38-A, this bra does not cut into my boob at both ends of the wire! The centre gore sits flush n follows the breast. It contains the underarm fat!!! Which I always thought was me being fat because the A-cup had always pushed it out, but it's actually boob!!! Yes I agree that the fabric of cup does extend high on my chest, now I have to explain to you, sigh* it never ends, another common aspect of my shape is that breasts sit high on chest I'm going to say not the most common as I have experienced in my futile bra shopping. I'm sure on a bra website someone might say that, "it is not uncommon" and I am happy for that. But as I'm having to explain my stance in this bra with my breast shape with my correct size!!! I am so very surprised it is true to size. Which is again uncommon for my breast shape I haven't mastered the going up in down is sizes maybe another time. but a full coverage bra is what I wanted. There is no excess loose fabric" so the breast does fill the cup it's a full coverage bra. everything of bra fits except the visual which I said does not matter to me. It may not please you but I hope people know the wonders of this bra. The seams of bra do not show through any shirt except I cannot wear a deep v neck which I don't anyway but try to cover up as much skin as I can hence the full coverage bra desired. And this next fact "THE FABRIC IS NOT LOOSE BUT TIGHT TO CHEST" I put caps so someone in my breast shape might not miss this part. no matter how I move, even if I crunch down the fabric hugs me. And remember for my breast shape many bras fall-short in this area. I am happy with this bra. As this is the beginning of my bra quest with limited time to research which is necessary for my breast shape. the little research I have done the photos of the bras were, compared to the full coverage I have grown accustomed with in this bra, were lacking fabric and coverage. This bra in the photos is the real bra that I like I should take a picture of the fake because the fake bra the cups is empty and because the fabric on the fake is not as stretchy as the real there is just loose fabric on the chest and folds. Also I should say the straps are at full shortening but it is all I need. If this post did not make sense and was jumbled I did not review it as I've grown tired of this. I will review it another time. I hope it helps my fellow breast shape or older women who might like a full coverage bra.

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