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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band88.9
Band Length73.7
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width16.5
Cup depth38.7
Depth ratio2.3
Wire length35.6
Cup height0.0
Cup separation1.5
Gore height10.2
Wing height14.0
Strap width2.5
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It fits, but I ordered to sizes large band and cup sized 1 cup down.

I think Im goign to keep doing that until I get cup height lower or fall out of it. I know an 80J is fairly too small.

I plan on updating this later.

Updated on Jun 28, 2014 Flag this

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    Looking at how you fit with your unpadded bras, I wonder if you shouldn't technically also be wearing two sizes smaller or something. Padded bras are so odd - you look like you're getting so much lift, but it also has so much coverage. And the depth is a whole inch more here than in the 85 J. I'm not saying it looks like it doesn't fit or anything, I'm just trying to figure out how this all works with EM bras =/

  • Oh yeah, Im going down in cup size to get less coverage. I loss lift though. :( I have a J cup that I sold and it was laughable. I then with a fit suggestion on reddit went with what everyone said and went with a 42J, it is already way loose in the back and the cup is fine, but not as much lift. It was also only .25 inches smaller in cup depth. But a lot in cup height. I thought cup decrease would be bigger than .25 inches ( I know bratabase say .3, but its .25 and that what I entered)Also like many people I will need a bigger cup in the padded. Check out the compare pictures at the bottom. I added a new one. ( 2 compare pictures total!) :) I noticed the difference when i took my weight loss pictures this month. I've lost 15 pounds this month! I did gain 1.75 inches of breast tissue weirdly?

    My next S I want to do a 40J so one band up and two cups down? Right lol, ugh sister sizing get me sometimes when I don't have a chart in front of me. I do question the 40 a little because I only had to wear the extender for one day. I can wear this 38 without now.

  • I'm also so stupid for listening to people who told me to get a 42, my tight is 34.... Im seriously going to have to alter the 42J in like two more wears.

  • So what is your normal underbust size in UK bras? Why did they suggest such a large back size/cup size, for what problem were they trying to fix? And you loss lift when going down?! That's crazy. I thought going down would = more lift.

    I personally have no lift in my bra that is the same cup size as this but much smaller back size and I'd actually rather have much more coverage because I spill out. I'm so confused on how this all works when it comes to EM bras. Helping you also helps me so that's why I keep bugging you about EM lol. So needing a bigger cup in the padded is definitely normal then...

    Congratulations on your weight loss. The 95J looks really good on you, better than the green but it looks like it still might be a bit big on you? (I thought I spotted wrinkling). Breast tissue is basically fat and glands, so it's possible that fat may have migrated around perhaps?

    Oh nevermind now I notice that you want to go down a cup or two. Sister sizing gets me too even after all these years. Sometimes I feel like I'm solving a math problem in my head or something lol. Why not try a 38JJ? I think I got that right. Sorry, really tired @.@

  • Well the good thing is that altering the band is pretty straightforward at least.

  • Nether of these bras have wrinkling in the padded part, but there is some wrinkling on fabric.

  • I know you like Kris Line, I only have one. I compared it to an Ewa. It is bigger overall, but Im beginning to have spillage. The Ewa is only bigger in cup height.

  • Oh I didn't answer all your questions. I think they told me to get a 42 because the 85 was tight at first, IDK. I felt like the 85 was maybe a little tighter than normal, but it has stretch out to what I would have expected at first. Check out my 36J, which is one cup size smaller than you suggested. Its comical to me.

  • I think some of my pictures were not approved so Im not sure if you were able to see them... oops.

  • I think some of my pictures were not approved so Im not sure if you were able to see them... oops.

  • yet, they are approved now.

  • I for some reason never thought of comparing my Kris Line M with my Ewa's interesting to note in your bra that the KL is much wider, which is weird because KL is known even moreso for narrow wires. It looks like KL runs almost a full cup size smaller than EM, at least in the padded vs non-fully padded bras. According to your compare, the KL is slightly more shallow. Here is mine for instance This is definitely useful info going forward.

    I have tried three or four 70 bands from EM and some of them felt looser than others, even within the same style and cup size, so I think material just affects the fit. Stretchy material may even feel really tighter at first and then stretch out, so I need to remember that in the future myself...

    It's hard for me to say without more sizes for comparison but I wonder if the Pl style just doesn't run a cup size or so smaller than the S styles. I looked at an 80JJ S style and it was almost two cup sizes bigger than your 80J Pl in the measurements. EM is soo complicated sigh.

  • Also I was able to see the pictures. It's weird but it seems like pictures show up without approval needed now. Maybe past a certain amount of reputation? But at the same time I still get approval messages too.

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