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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band72.0
Band Length56.0
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width13.6
Cup depth24.3
Depth ratio1.8
Wire length23.0
Cup height17.5
Cup separation1.5
Gore height6.5
Wing height10.0
Strap width1.5
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My shape is somewhat low set, narrow and short rooted, slightly pendulous, and soft.

This bra is a beautiful vibrant red colour. It is the full lace version of the BM. The cups are fairly rounded, more than I expected them to be, and this 65FF size fits so much better than the 65F Antonina I tried. It is less pointy than I expected, and I find it very comfortable to wear. I feel totally held in place. There is also no in cup quadding visible, which I often get with unlined bras. The wires are faily narrow, and there is decent depth at the wire and apex. I did have to pull the cups up to avoid minor wrinkling next to the wire though. I haven't worn this bra around, so I'm not sure if that wrinkling would return after wearing it for a bit, but it went away once I pulled the cups up over my breasts completely. The materials are soft and I didn't get any chafing anywhere. The band was nice and firm, with a stretched measurement of just over 28" before the wires distorted, which I love. The straps adjusted long enough for my tall/lower set frame, so that was great too.

Overall, lovely and lively colour and excellent quality and comfort.

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Feb 08, 2019 Flag this

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  • 2

    Wow! This looks amazing on you! So glad it’s not pointy on you. How does it fare for the white t shirt test? Allegedly, red is the best colour to wear under white to disappear.

  • 1


  • 1

    Thanks. I'm pleasantly surprized that it fits. I was actually expecting it to be too large on me, but it fits and gives a moderately rounded shape. I just hope it still fits when I lose this 5 pounds I have on my belly. My boobs shrink really fast when I lose weight.

    Oh crap, I didn't try the white t-shirt! I've already bagged it up to go back so I can order the La Gloria instead. I considered keeping this one too actually since it's so pretty, but I can't afford both, so....

  • 1

    It looks wonderful on you. 💜 Glad it is a great fit!

  • 1

    Fingers crossed for the La Gloria!

  • 1

    Thanks MamaPagan !

  • 1

    This looks so good on you! Sorry you're not able to keep it. I bet the La Gloria will be stunning on you.

  • Thanks Sonya . I can't wait for La Gloria to arrive, but it will be a few weeks. I think Magda just did a group order, so I can't place mine for another month or so (and then it still has to be made and mailed). I think it'll be worth the wait!

  • 1

    This looks great on you! Hopefully la Gloria fits just as well

  • Thanks Frazzleberry ...I hope so too, but I guess sometimes you just never know when the bras are handmade!

  • 1

    Wilderness1 that's so true, but I'm crossing my fingers that it works out

  • 1

    Wow! This is gorgeous. I can not wait to see how the La Gloria fits and looks.

  • Thanks rachaelll, I can't wait either. I've been drooling over La Gloria since it came out... too bad I can't just order it now so it arrives in 1 week.... gotta wait for it to be made.

  • 1

    The La Gloria briefs look super cute too. I love the colour of the bra, but the briefs are so unique in comparison with some of the other ones that they were a part of what sold me.

  • 2

    Wilderness1 I'm tempted to order one too! The 65ff fluo I have isn't a perfect fit, but it seems like from others comments and reviews it might not be a 'standard' 65ff. And la gloria is the colour of my dreams.

  • 2

    Calluna I do like the briefs too. I don't usually order sets because of the cost, but I have considered ordering those because they are so cute.
    rachaelll It seems like you never know 100% what you're getting with EM these days. It IS such a beautiful colour. I sent Magda an email, but she's out of town until Monday, so I'm not sure when her next order is?

  • 1

    Eek! Maybe I will have a chance to save up before the next order goes in. Otherwise I will be living vicariously through you Wilderness1

  • 2

    Wilderness1 I believe Magda needs an order of 10 or more bras to submit it to Ewa. With the last order submitted 2/4, it's a matter of generating enough interest now or the luck of new releases becoming available, so I am thinking some time between 2/18 and beginning of March. :-/

  • rachaelll and MamaPagan yeah, I knew it would be a few weeks. I emailed her a few days ago and she said she was just about to put in an order and wouldn't be doing another one for like a month. She's emailing me back on Monday to confirm my order, but yeah... it'll be a while! Wish I could have it now, but I have to exercise all the patience I have.
    How long does it take once the order goes in??

  • Last time it was a week but with Ewa prepping for the new release sale, I would think it will be longer this time. Sorry. :-/

  • Awe, bummer.

  • Indeed. :-/ *But* you can always ask Magda to see if she could add La Gloria to her existing order. Ewa usually allows it if it's not towards the end of order production, so there may still be time.

  • I'm hoping she will! That would be awesome! I'll she what she says when she gets back to me!!

  • 3

    Fingers crossed that Ewa allows it. 🍀🍀

  • 1

    Like rachaelll, I will also be living vicariously through you!

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