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Bra » Aimerfeel » シアーリュクス ブラジャー (577101G) » F65 » Bras » Owner


Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band81.5
Band Length59.4
Stretch ratio1.4
Cup width14.1
Cup depth19.0
Depth ratio1.3
Wire length18.1
Cup height15.2
Cup separation2.8
Gore height3.1
Wing height10.0
Strap width1.6
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My shape: center-set, mid-height, forward-facing teardrop (aka ski jump without the jump, just a straight slope) with tall full-but-shallow upper roots, functionally even vertical fullness, low apex, very side-full wide roots with shallow tissue extending all the way back to the shoulder blade, lots of immediate projection underneath but little-to-moderate overall projection, and very firm tissue that doesn't play nicely when pushed into other shapes and will push right back

I received this bra from another user and while it is pre-owned, I think it is in great shape! I'm not sure how much the band has stretched from previous use, but it fits me nicely on the second set of hooks, and it is certainly still gorgeous. The pink mesh overlay is beautiful and the two-layer illusion is hands down my favorite style, even though they're harder to disguise under clothes and we never get them here in the US (or even the rest of the West, really). The black lace is a lovely contrast, and the little filigree pendant at the center bow is unique and so different from the standard "diamante" accent, while still familiar and classy. The only thing I might wish different is the pink is a little duller and less clear or "true" (like baby or bubblegum pink), but it is actually closer to my skin tone this way, and I still think it's beautiful.

The band is a little narrow and feels a bit stretchy, but is in no way uncomfortable. On the loosest hook it feels like there's not quite enough tension to keep my breast tissue inside the cups, but on the second it is fine. 3 hooks per column!

The wires are too narrow, but I've mentioned before that there are a range of widths that work for me because of the shallow trail of underarm tissue I have, and I'm rarely bothered by wires that rest on it. In this case, it follows the edge of most of the fullness, and the wing is tall enough to keep everything from shifting around.

The cup construction is definitely different! It's a side-sling style, but it only has one additional seam, the horizontal one from a standard T-seam 3-panel balconette cup, making it a 3-part cup. I get a slightly pointy shape from it, but it's not unnatural or unattractive. It definitely keeps everything front and center! I get some pretty good center cleavage from this, as much as I ever do, anyway, and I think if you are center-full this is definitely a spill-out-the-middle style. There is a cookie pocket for extra push-up oomf, if you want it, and the whole cup is slightly padded, although I'd say more like how Freyas are "padded" and less like a molded padded t-shirt bra.

It stays in my IMF! That's definitely rare. I don't think the immediate projection is quite enough, but in this case it translates into lift and cleavage.

I am in love with the gore. Before my bravangelism, I wore plunges exclusively, and while I don't miss much about the lack of support and shape mismatch, I do miss those gores. I suspect I have a touch of natural symmastia, which means that any gore presses on tissue and hurts, and this one is low enough that it ends before my tissue meets. If it were taller, I'm not sure it wouldn't float, but as it is, it's great! Plus, there's at least 1.5 cm of space in the channel if you need to shift the wires around.

The straps are narrow, and while other ladies might have a problem with that, my firm tissue is very self-supporting so I usually don't. I think they're quite soft and comfy, and although the pink mesh overlay attaches quite high up, I haven't had any issues with it showing so far.

Ok, now how do I get more of these without bankrupting myself on shipping? I am addicted! More more more!

Updated on Nov 03, 2017 Flag this

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  • Gorgeous!!

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On Jun 2017 It fit her! View measurements

My first Asian bra, and I love it! Where have these gores and beautiful styling been all my life?

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