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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band72.5
Band Length59.5
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width13.0
Cup depth25.0
Depth ratio1.9
Wire length24.5
Cup height0.0
Cup separation2.5
Gore height6.5
Wing height8.0
Strap width1.5
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Didn't fit

Shape: round, projected, even, close set, on the narrow end of average root width.

Oh, no. Ohhhhh no. Okay, so I got suckered into the $15 Encore sale and I did not heed your warnings, bra friends. I knew that the sizing seems utterly dependent on the colorway, so I thought I did my due diligence by ordering a couple sizes (30E and 30F) in this colorway off of Amazon. I figured I'd try 'em on, see what fits, return them, and buy it cheap on Encore. The first problem is that despite the 30E and 30F both being the same colorway and band size, the 30E was noticeably stretchier. How? How even? I also quadded like crazy out of the 30E, with the top part of the cup cutting into my tissue. At the time, the 30F looked, fit, and felt better, so I figured I'd go with that in the Encore sale. Unfortunately, I think I was too enticed by the $15 price tag, so I ignored a lot of fit issues in my Amazon trial which are so terribly evident now that I've purchased the non-returnable bra. Where shall we begin?

1) Not enough immediate projection. It's not super obvious until I take the bra off, but the underwires sit like 1 cm below my IMF.
2) The cups are way too wide. A solid quarter of the cup extends into my armpit where I have no breast tissue, so it's sort of a sad wrinkly mess in there.
3) The cups are also too big (the width issue is probably part of this). There's wrinkling towards the top and inner sides of the cup.

The single pro is that the 30F I got is actually tight in the band, which is great for me, as I'm on the narrower end of 30 bands. If you're a true 30 you might find it too tight.

In hindsight, the 30E was *probably* the correct size, but there's just a big ol' shape mismatch going on that was hidden by the larger cup size. I'd say if you have much upper and/or center fullness, or are very projected, you should probably avoid. Actually, the mysterious sizing inconsistencies should encourage everyone to avoid, ok?

Final notes: this bra sure *looks* cool, but if you don't 100% fill out the cups, there will be wrinkling, and the wrinkling doesn't do you any favors considering how sheer it is. The mesh is also not nearly as soft and comfortable as I would've liked. It's actually totally non-stretchy, stiff, and kind of scratchy. Boo. I cannot believe this is worth anything near what the MSRP is (like $50 or $60?), and I'm bummed I paid $15 for it" alt=":(" />

p.s. Various reviewers indicated that the matching panties in this style ran super small. I took this advice and sized up. I have 38" hips and found that, at least in this colorway, the large brief and thong to both be too big; I should've gone with a medium. Double fail.

Gothic Grape with New Wave colorway

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Sep 03, 2016 Flag this

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  • I literally just ordered this in 30E (I loved the color way more than the 'new classic/Elsa pink that's too small).
    One thing I noticed with the dessous bras is that most of them don't feel stretchy in the lower half of the cups. The new ones I have are stretchy in the upper portion, but the way they have the bottom it's not stretchy in the right direction (it's like stretchy going up & down instead of across- if that makes sense)
    I have all my dessous panties in XS and I find them to be TTS to *slightly* small.

  • Prettyncharmeuse oh, you're totally right! I just played with the mesh, and it DOES stretch - but only up-down, not in-out, which is what you really need for good fit. I also only found the top mesh to be stretchy, not the bottom. The double layer of mesh in the bottom of the cup seems to work against each other to provide very inconsistent stretch. I wish the cups were made out of the same mesh as the band, which is much softer and stretchier.

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    I think the dessous would be so much more successful if there was only one layer of mesh, OR if both pieces went (stretched) the same direction.
    The mesh is also not comfortable.

  • I think the dessous would be so much more successful if there was only one layer of mesh, OR if both pieces went (stretched) the same direction.
    The mesh is also not comfortable.

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    Didn't know this sale was going on! Now I'm about to pull the trigger on the alter ego/elsa pink - been in love with this colorway for so long. I've also had varying success with these bras, so we'll see how it goes.. Also going to pick up Cool Cotton, it looks so comfortable.

    My wallet didn't need this, but thank you!

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    annabellynn noooo, my post was meant to be a warning, lol :P Because the colorways seem to have such varying sizes, definitely post measurements & a review when you get your haul!

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    I know the risks haha. Their sizing is seriously messed up. But they're so pretty... lol. You might be sucessful trying to resell yours at least, because it seems like people still love them..

    I've tried:

    Mauve/black 30E - TTS band, decent projection, very tall. This was a fit but I decided I wanted to get my dream colorway.

    Navy/lime 30E - Large band, but not bad projection wise either. Fit but was just kind of 'meh.' No lift. My least favorite color. I passed it on.

    Orange soda/strawberry 28FF - super wide, shallow, tall. The cup depth indicated I could fit even though it's larger than my usual size, but yikes was it shallow!

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