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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band74.9
Band Length62.2
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width14.0
Cup depth25.4
Depth ratio1.8
Wire length27.9
Cup height0.0
Cup separation1.5
Gore height8.6
Wing height9.4
Strap width1.3
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My very favorite of the bras I recently ordered from Avocado (including RV Calypso and HC Chamade). The band is perfect, the gore is super thin and the wires are quite narrowish, staying in my IMF all day. There is a good amount of room for me both at the bottom of the cup and near the center gore. I used to think that the reason I don’t get a well-tacking gore in Comexim (unless it’s altered to overlap) was due to the soft wires, but the wires on this bra are equally if not more flexible and tack perfectly… I now understand that that might be more of a center projection issue. The cups on this are perfect, except for some minor wrinkling on the sides as a result of the wire channels being taller than the underwires themselves. The shape is round and beautifully uplifted! The materials feel exquisite… the fabric of the bra overall has very little stretch, so it feels like it will last a long time and hold up to wear nicely. Beneath a t-shirt, there's a vague hint of raised lines caused by the pleats, but it's subtle and doesn't personally bother me.

Ecru colorway

Updated on Oct 02, 2016 Flag this

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  • Where did you order these avocados from? They're beautiful. I'm so glad
    you posted these pics & measurements too. Avocado is EU sizing right? Do they have their own sizing system? This would have been my best guess at a size in Avocado but all of the 65Gs you've posted would be huge on me. Do they do 60 bands?

  • 3

    lcl0706 So glad to be of help, I wasn't able to find much info on the brand myself before placing an order! I ordered direct from Avocado's E-shop... they accept Paypal and it was pretty straightforward, just like ordering from Ewa or Comexim. I *think* it's most comparable to EU sizing, but without any double letters. I suspect there's larger than a 1 inch increment between cups, because normally I'd need 65H in EU. They do have 60 bands. Here's an older fit guide from Miss Underpinnings who wears a 60H:

  • So beautiful!!

  • "Super thin gore"!!! Is the gore base thinner than others, too? Hoping, praying, crossing my fingers :-) Thanks for your review, VioletIridescence

  • Oops. Is the gore base more narrow than others? "Thinner" wires might help create a more narrow gore base ;-)

  • 1

    Love4Pollinators It's quite a bit more narrow at the base than my 30FF Cleo Marcie, and very slightly more narrow than my 30G SM Wanilla. I just did a quick visual comparison but can take measurements if you'd like :)

  • It looks great! Is it unlined, I can't quite tell?

  • Wilderness1 Yep, it's unlined!

  • I'd sincerely appreciate measurements of the distance between the wires at the base. Thank you! :-) :-)

  • VioletIridescence thank you for the pointers! I have seen Miss Underpinnings guide but I've yet to be able to find a guide for their new lettering system - like what's RV? Isn't there an NF or NV or something like that? Not sure they even do A, K, and H anymore.

    If Miss Underpinning's is wearing a 60H, and you're in a 65G.... you both are 1-2 cup sizes larger than me. Ugh. I would love to try one some day, especially Calypso or this one. I love all 3 you've posted. But the price and lack of fit knowledge and sizing kind of scares me. I'm thinking I'd need a 60G, maybe. I hate to get something expensive and be stuck with it. Maybe I'll ask Aisha at Zathiya if she can ballpark my size based on my current Comexim and EM sizes, since she's stocking a few Avocados these days.

  • lcl0706 I believe RV is the successor of the old A and K cuts, and that NF is based on the old H cut... but having never tried those in the first place I'm not exactly sure either! The unlined halfcups are newer as far as I can tell. Yep, maybe consult Aisha and see what she has to say... maybe she can illuminate all the cuts and sizing much better!

  • 1

    Love4Pollinators Okay here's a quick sample from some other bras that also fit me!
    Avocado Caprice: 1.3"
    Curvy Kate Bardot 30G: 1.5"
    SM Wanilla 65G : 1.6"
    Cleo Marcie 30FF: 1.8"

  • Thank you! Very helpful!!!

  • 2

    lcl0706 there is a concise styles guide on avocado's website:

  • Awesome thank you!

  • 1

    lcl0706 I have an older Avocado unpadded bra that fits in 60G, but no idea if the new models come in the same sizing. I'd say that would be a good size for you to start with. It fits me on the roomy end with slightly too tight band.

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65G - Avocado » Caprice Bra (S185HCT)

65G 30:7

65G - Avocado » Caprice Bra (S185HCT)

65G - Avocado » Caprice Bra (S185HCT)

Sale $ 60.00