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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band91.4
Band Length66.0
Stretch ratio1.4
Bust perimeter94.0
Cup width14.2
Cup depth19.1
Depth ratio1.3
Cup height15.2
Cup separation0.6
Gore height0.0
Wing height6.6
Strap width1.3
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Didn't fit

Short, projected, slightly narrow, close set, center full, even breasts....

First, I purchased this bra in 32. Whoa! Too small. Then, inspired by NotNorton 's experience in a Wacoal Embrace Lace Wire Free Bra, I ordered a 36. Swoon" alt=":-)" /> I have been wearing this for 12 hours and not once felt pain. And, my breasts are not swelling. Over the past several months, I've noticed my breasts swell one cup size larger the day after wearing a wired bra. And, 150+ bras have not yet eliminated this phenomenon. So, it was time to try a style that doesn't hurt or compress...

The lace is soft, and the cup lining is softer. Although soft and thin, this lining will not shroud cold nipples. The bra closes with 3x3 fasteners in the back and includes hardware for an adjustable j-hook. The j-hook increases the support exponentially. In fact, I could wear it only with the j-hook fastened comfortably.

The shape is natural and subtly rounded. It does not move tissue out of armpits which is what I sincerely appreciate about underwire bras. The support is minimal largely because I'm wearing a 36 band on a 28" underbust. However, the back is not riding up. I recall the support in the 32 was moderate and the cup size minimal. Ideally, these 36 cups would attach to the 32's band.

If you have short roots, this bralette may work for you. Certainly, it is better for wide, shallow shapes, but the design allows some flexibility. My short projected, slightly narrow pair is happy and not swelling. That is all that matters" alt=";-)" />

Fuchsia colorway

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Aug 28, 2016 Flag this

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  • 1

    I get that swelling with my wired bras , swelling one to two cup sizes by the end of the day even if it starts out looking empty the cup will be overspilling by the end of the day . It's annoying . I get stupid swelling other places too can't wear socks without cutting off my circulation .

  • 1

    I wonder why? It causes me a bit of anxiety....

  • It's puzzling I have never gotten any answers from my Dr other than some people swell here is a diuretic , which does help in general .

  • Doctors have suggested birth control, but those hormones are pandora's box to me.

  • yikes that's scary you guys! Do you actually measure your boob perimeter at the end of the day to see how much swelling there is? it can't be normal :-/

    This looks super comfy Love4Pollinators I wonder if it would fit me. What is your lying down perimeter?

  • wendybien Breast perimeter is 10" lying down.

    It is disconcerting and I'm not able to attribute it to dietary changes or weight fluctuations. At times, my weight will drop two pounds and my breasts are still swollen. Mine varies from .5"-.75" perimeter increase.

  • 1

    Honestly getting a breast perimeter is like herding cats my tissue is so fluid .. At least laying down . My thoughts are it's just fluid some people get very swollen feet, ankles , even have to take of rings . I have found its has gotten worse as I gotten older and in warm weather . I also think it might happen to people in ill fitting bras but they never notice just have the "I have to take this bra off " at the end of the day feeling .
    I also forgot to say I really like that bralette .. I wonder how hard it would be to take in the back to make it more supportive . Does it have hook and eyes or is it pull over ?

  • 1

    Der.. pictures show hook and eyes ..

  • 1

    The band is only a single layer of lace; not supportive for long. But, adding a band lining could really improve the support.

  • 1

    My guess is your lymph system is stressed by the pressures of the wires and it leads to fluid retention in that area, another option is that your hormones fluctuate through out the day but then it wouldn't matter wire or not. I have varicoses from pregnancies and my left leg is much more sensitive.. Neither the lymph system nor the curriculation is optimal in that leg. I have swelling in my breasts for the second half of my cycle but that is hormones

  • 2

    revisa Lymph system is what I'm leaning toward. And, because the lymph system moves toxins out of the body, I do not want to encumber it. With only 1 of 152 bras that doesn't sit on my breast tissue, I'm returning to bralettes.

    @Ivp, lcl0706 makes very supportive, custom bralettes. I will be ordering a 30G for close set, shorties soon :-) :-)

  • My left leg also swells up lots more than the right one, I had a very big varicose vein removed from it in my 20s so that's why. I wonder if the swelling you ladies experience is more on the armpit side or just allover swelling? Have you ever noticed?

  • 1

    wendybien mine is more the armpit sides

  • 1

    ouchy :-(

  • 1

    Woo hoo, I'm inspiring! I agree with basically everything you said about this bralette. I think it works a bit better on me because at the moment I'm measuring about 32/30 underbust. Also, the band on the Embrace Lace version is firmer elastic, instead of the soft longline.

    I wish I had useful thoughts about the swelling/edema thing. I get weird size fluctuations that may or may not be due to my endometriosis, but they're monthly, not daily. I have nerve compression issues in my left shoulder, too, but that doesn't seem to affect size. Anything like that would probably be noticeable on MRI...if you can get one.

  • NotNorton Indeed, you are inspiring :-)

    Within two days of not wearing a wired bra for even 5 minutes, the swelling has not recurred. For some reason, wires and I are incompatible. :-) All is well :-)

  • 1

    I went through several YEARS of not wearing wires. It is a pain, but it can be done. I'm glad you found a bralette that works! Hopefully you'll find more. (Let's keep each other posted on good finds.)

  • 1

    You should start a blog on the wireless life! That's one niche which has not been covered properly at all for your size range. Lots of small band, medium/small cup bloggers posted the occasional fashion bralette but not a full exploration of options in a small band size range at all.

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