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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band87.0
Band Length68.0
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width15.0
Cup depth25.5
Depth ratio1.7
Wire length27.0
Cup height17.0
Cup separation2.0
Gore height7.5
Wing height10.5
Strap width2.0
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Oh my, my bank account is in so much trouble!

I just received my first Ewa Michalak SM, and it's love at first wear.

I was looking for a bra that would fit as well as my beloved unlined Cleo balconets, but with a more grown up, sexy look (think less ditzy polka dots, more va va voom chic), and boy does this bra deliver!

Let's start with the shape it gives me, WOW! My boobs are front and center, and very very round. I hear a lot of people say that the SM cut gives them more of a natural shape, but on me it's really super round, even rounder than my Cleos. On top of that, my boobs are hiked up really high, my husband even remarked on their perkiness. I'm used to well lifted boobs by now, but this some A level lift. It gives me very soft looking cakes on a plate style cleavage, which I love.

Second, the bra is gorgeous! I've always love sheer bras, and this one strikes that perfect balance between looking minimalist, sexy and sophisticated with its black mesh and black lace trims. The contrast between the sheerness of the mesh and the opaque seams and lace details just really appeals to me. It's very light to wear, which is also a big plus for me. The straps are long, fully adjustable and do not slide down.

In the Pl cut I'm in between a 75FF and a G cup, but for this cut the FF is the right size. The seams are laying flat and do not cut into my tissue at all. I have no gaping at the top, and no quad boob whatsoever. Ewa's site said that the band runs tight, and I agree as it's tighter than my PL Triumfs, which is good for me as I seem to be in between band sizes for this brand. The gore is lower than those of my Cleos, and the wires don't come up as high under the arms either, which is nice for a change. I'm wearing the bra for about two hours now, and it's really very comfortable.

As this bra is completely sheer I do see a small fit issue in my pictures that I have suspected I have in most of my well fitting bras: the wires do not follow my IMF perfectly on the inside curve towards the gore. The thing is, I have quite a wide space between my boobs, they are a good inch apart at least at the top, and even more at the bottom due to my splayedness. A bra that would perfectly follow that shape would need to have a pretty wide and very tapered gore. However, I also need bras with narrow wires, which almost always have narrow gores that go down in parallel (UU). I think that a bra that would truly follow my IMF all the way would give me a very east west shape (which my breasts have naturally). As I prefer to have my boobs pushed front and center, and the little bit of empty space at the inside of my wires does not seem to compromise the support this bra gives me I'm willing to live with it, but technically I suppose this bra is not a perfect fit.

My Cleo Minnie has been my favorite bra for a very long time, but this one seems to be destined to take over the top spot now.

With that in mind, I'm going to have to exercise some serious restraint now, because I do feel the urge to buy this bra in EVERY SINGLE color way. There is that lovely beige and black one, and that bright red version that's a little hootchy but kind of cool, and that pink and red one that has a bit of a carnival vibe going on, and the white and pink Wanilia that's only available on bra obsessed, and so on.....

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Nov 23, 2015 Flag this

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  • 1

    so i guess you dont want to know that someone here has a 75FF wanilla here lol

  • 1

    Beautiful and very sexy bra :-)

  • dbmamaz is it for sale?
    *wallet ducks behind the couch in preparation for your answer*

  • 1

    This looks absolutely gorgeous on you! What a perfect fit (and shape)! I hope mine works as well!

  • Not mine, but i noticed it get listed a day or two ago. its such a pretty bra.

  • oooh really! I missed that! I'll check it out...

  • 1

    Ugh I still want the Kusidelko so bad!! I just HAVE to stop buying bras!

  • I know the feeling!

    Funny with these pictures, from certain angles my boobs look huge, while they look small in other pictures.

  • Very very pretty! Love the design.
    In some bras (e.g. Jasmine) I have a similar wire / IMF issue you're having. Does it get worse during the day?

    Anyway it still looks awesome! 😊
    Definitely on my wishlist as well.

  • 1

    bubblegum it does not get worse when I wear it longer, which is why I think it is a wire shape mis match issue rather than the bra not being projected enough for me or something like that. I've had bras in the past that would slide down from my IMF during the day because the cups were not projected enough for me, but I don't think that's what's wrong here. I don't get any empty space at the bottom of my breasts, just at the inside.

    I think I have the same issue with my unlined Cleos, but I can't say for sure as they are not sheer.

    I wonder if any bras exist with a wire shape that will follow my entire IMF, but I don't think so. They would need to be a very unusual shape.

    But hey, as long as a bra lifts, looks and feels like this, I'm running with it!

  • 2

    IMO the wire not following the curve of your boobs on the inside isn't a fit issue. On most people the inner half of the breast root isn't an exact underwire shape :-)

  • Oh I can imagine bonjourhi, it really is quite narrow.

    @wendybien that's a good point. I checked some pictures posted by others, but for most the wires seem to follow their IMF better. But then again I suppose my boobs are really quite far apart and quite splayed. But it's nice to try a sheer bra for a change as it really shows the fit of the bra much better.

    I think I would have figured out my shape much faster if all bras were sheer!

  • the SM is less round on me - its a 70J using an extender. But very high. It fits better now that I've gained a bit of size. it looked too big when I got it, but a good s/s lifted me out of the bottom of the cup, which is too shallow, and seemed to fill the cup - but it really fits better w me slightly bigger. Which means I think it fits more like a 65K lol

  • 1

    The SM is my jam. I will never again wear an unlined bra that isn't Ewa.
    I have nine, the shape I get in them is rounded with a subtle peak. I also have the same issue with the inner wire as you, but only with some of them. They are the same cut, and ideally would fit the same, but they don't. Some of them have wires overlapping in the middle, others don't. So the fit is slightly different from bra to bra.
    I wouldn't consider it a fit issue, like wendybien said, and if it doesn't bother you I would completely ignore it.

  • jlcl119 I think I agree based on this version! It's a really great cut for me, and I love the aesthetic of it.

    I also love the unlined Cleos (especially Minnie), but the horizontal seam sits a little lower on my boob, which is a bit problematic as it shows under clothes and causes a hint of in cup quadding.

    I must say I prefer unlined bras in general. I have 2 Ewa pls that are very good for when I want a little but crack cleavage, but I do feel a little bulky in those. I have a chp on the way and I still want to try an S, but I'm pretty sure the unlined bras will remain my favorite!

  • 1

    ps: I did end up buying the Wanillia that was listed...

  • Oh, CHPs are lovely! No where near as bulky feeling as the S or PL and awesome lift. What one did you get?

    Wanilla is beautiful. I can't find one in my size, but my mom has one and it's a knock out.

  • 1

    That's good to hear! I ordered the new Noir that was on sale when it was introduced. I'd prefer an all black one, but there's nothing available in my size.

    I basically just want to try every Ewa cut that's out there. So far, I like the pl, love the sm, and do not get on with the shape of the hm.

    The Wanillia is soooo pretty! I could really not justify buying that one as I've been seriously overspending on bras since I discovered this site, but I bought it anyway. And I generally don't even like white bras...

  • Oh, I'm eager to see pictures of that in person. I didn't care for it that much in the promo shots. Plus, she didn't make underwear for it and I typically don't buy unmatched sets.

  • I'll add them when I get it. It will be a while though...

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